Janis R. Hanson

Senior Lecturer, TESOL Coordinator
Department of Modern Languages
ESL Institute

1229 Centennial, UW-L, La Crosse, WI 54601
telephone:  608-785-8318
 fax:  608-785-8311
E-mail:  jhanson@uwlax.edu

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Janis Hanson January 2013

Fall 2013 office hours:

Monday: 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Tuesday: 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.


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Advanced Spanish & English Learners:  Independent Study Resources for Language Learning


Janis Hanson is the coordinator of the undergraduate minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She teaches TESOL courses in the Department of Modern Languages and supervises TESOL interns and student teachers.  Ms. Hanson has an M.A. in Linguistics (TESOL emphasis) from the University of Iowa and a certificate in online teaching from UW-Madison. She is certified to teach English as a Second Language, grades K-12, in Wisconsin; and Spanish and speech, grades 7 - 12, in Wisconsin and Iowa. She has lived in Mexico, Italy and Japan.     




"Language-learning work-outs: A technophile's quest to rise above a plateau"

    Blended Learning Institute,  UW-L, 8/13

"Personal narratives, international voices"

     Office of Professional and Instructional Development, UW-System Conference,

     Milwaukee, 4/09 

"Jane Addams, 1908: The Public School and the Immigrant Child"  

     Central Wisconsin History Collaborative, La Crosse, 4/08

     Multiculturalism, Pluralism, and Globalization Conference; La Crosse, 10/07   

     Woman Chautauqua Institute, Cottey College, Nevada, MO, 6/06 & 5/07

     UW-System Institute on Race and Ethnicity, Milwaukee, 4/07

     TESOL '07, Seattle, 3/07 

"Designing forum assignments to build community in multinational classrooms"  paper    

     Conference on Distance Learning and Teaching, Madison, 7/06  

"Increasing student participation through online course management"

     TESOL '03, Baltimore, 3/03

      UW-L Faculty Conference on Teaching and Learning, 1/03

      Midwest Association of Language Learning Technologies, Luther College, 10/01

"Teaching TESOL and ESL students together"
      TESOL '02, Salt Lake City, 3/02

      International Conference on Language Teacher Education, University of MN, 5/01

"Sharing cultural perspectives: Americans join ESL students in the classroom"

      Regional NAFSA Conference,  La Crosse, 11/00
      TESOL ‘99, New York City, 3/99
      Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Milwaukee, 3/98
"Grappling with sexual orientation issues in the ESL/FL classroom"
      Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Milwaukee, 3/98
      Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference, Washington D.C., 9/97
           Published as "A Unit on Romance, Marriage, and Sexual Orientation"
           in Inside Out (TESOL GLBT caucus newsletter), Jan./Feb. 1998
"Building second language listening comprehension skills"
      Guangxi UW-L Faculty Exchange, China, 5/97
"Narration skills for advanced-level proficiency"
      TESOL ‘97, Orlando, 3/97
"Line-dancing to learn languages"  (Co-presenter with Sandra Wiggert)
      Wisconsin Area Foreign Language Teachers' Conference, Appleton, WI, 11/95
      La Crosse Area Foreign Language Teachers' Annual Meeting, 9/96
"Reciprocal teaching: Improving comprehension skill through group discussion."
      TESOL ‘95, Long Beach, CA, 3/95. Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, 3/94
      Wisconsin Area Foreign Language Teachers' Conference, Appleton, WI, 11/93
      La Crosse Area Foreign Language Teachers' Annual Meeting, 11/85








last updated on September 11, 2013

              Janis Hanson as Jane Addams


Development of Sharable Content Objects (SCOs)

Ms. Hanson contributed to a UW-Extension Academic ADL Co-Lab project supported by the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education: “An Investigation of the Pedagogical and Economic Effectiveness of Sharable Content Objects, Using Standards, in Online Instruction."

·        Participated in a one-week training session at UW-Madison and developed two peer-reviewed/copyrighted online tutorials (summer/fall 2003):  Netiquette for Online Discussion Forums and The Art of Civil Disagreement Online.

·        Developed seven 20 – 40-minute online tutorials for a module on “Designing Learning Activities with Web-based Learning Objects” (spring 2004 – summer 2005):      


            Peer-reviewed, copyrighted tutorials:

  • Discussion Forum Guidelines

  • What is Scaffolding?

  • Impromptu Writing Practice for Critical Thinking

  • Lesson Components.

To view these tutorials, log onto the UW-La Crosse D2L site using "guest" as a user name and password, enter the TESOL site from the    "Ongoing Courses" section, and enter the "Content" section (on the bar above the announcements, on the left).


Additional SCO development in the following areas is available for review:  Activating Prior Knowledge, What is a Learning Object? and Formative Assessment.                           



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