On this page you can find information about my current teaching interests and activities.

Spring 2014 Schedule

IS-220 Information Systems for Business Management

  • Section 03 – TR 09:25 am - 10:50 am

IS-411 Information Systems Design & Implementation

  • Section 01 – TR 12:40 pm - 02:05 pm

BUS-755 Managing in a Changing Technological Environment

  • Section 01 – M 06:00 pm - 08:45 pm

HIMT-370 Healthcare Systems Analysis and Design

  • Section 01 - Offered through UW-Extension

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching has always been a passion of mine.  I believe learning is a continuous learning process that requires teacher and student involvement to create a suitable learning environment.  Our role as teachers must encompass more than just lecturing.  Interaction and engagement is key.  Since I am often teaching future business professionals it is my responsibility to incorporate practical applications that complement the fundamental textbook concepts.  I have found that incorporating current information systems (IS) topics, often taken from the previous day’s news headlines, enhances student interest in applying IS concepts to the business context.  Since the IS field develops rapidly, class materials need to reflect the contemporary trend of industry so students are able to apply cutting-edge concepts in the business environment upon graduation.  As a teacher I need to develop and put into place a framework to empower the student to think critically, apply and make decisions shaped by their University experience. 

I believe it is my role as a teacher to promote learning as a lifelong process.  In our field we promote the idea that “the only constant is change”.  It is essential for students to be adaptive to the ever-changing business environment.  To prepare students and promote lifelong learning, I inspire my students to always be on the lookout new IS developments changing business. I regularly challenge students to apply the fundamental concepts we introduce to real world applications.  I encourage my students to regularly email me articles and videos that I often share to demonstrate the current business impact of IS.  This collaboration benefits both me and the student; since many times I too am learning new IS developments.  These efforts help ensure that students are engaged and keeping current, but at the same time recognize that concepts presented in the textbook can be applied to today’s environment.  My goal is for students to become lifelong learners in preparing for “constant change”.

I have always had an extremely good rapport with my students, which I believe creates an effective learning atmosphere.  Throughout the semester, I take the time to reflect and put myself in the student’s shoes, so that I can relate to my material delivery.  I am proactive in learning each of my student’s names and interests.  I regularly ask about how things are going inside and outside of the classroom, and also enjoy mentoring students in their career decisions.  I take efforts to develop professional and personal relationships with my students.  I want my students to know that I care about them as a person and that they are not just a number.  I enjoy keeping in touch with alumni via LinkedIn and email.  My alumni relationships have often developed into guest speakers that benefit my teaching.  I believe teaching is one of the most important parts of my professional life.  I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences to shape the future leaders of the business world.