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Student Research topics:

My area of specialty is Harmonic Analysis.  This is a topic that students can study after some background in Real Analysis or Mathematical Physics and Linear Algebra.  Several of my papers can be read by looking at my Professional Background page below.  I would recommend that students begin by reading my paper on the mathematics of how compact discs are made , Using the Shannon Sampling Theorem to Design Compact Discs, published in the UMAP Journal.  Student research projects have been done in Wavelet theory, Music and Mathematics (Fourier Analysis) and Math History.

One recent student project in Harmonic Analysis can be found at the link which discusses some of the relationship between music and mathematics.

I also have been working with students on Math history projects which focus on women. The following paper was published in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society and is being translated for distribution in China: .  Another sample paper with students presents research the was presented at the NCUR (National Conference of Undergraduate Research) in 2013 and accepted for publication in the proceedings of the conference.  It was also published in the UW-L Journal of Undergraduate Research: .

If you are interested in research in Analysis or Math History, please come talk to me.

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I am one of the coordinators for the UW-L Girls in Science program.  Girls in Science is sponsored by the UW-La Crosse College of Science and Health and Continuing Education/Extension. It is a two-day program each summer for about sixty academically gifted girls who have just finished grades 5-7.  The girls participated in several hands-on workshops taught by UW-L science and mathematics faculty.  For more information on this program, you can contact me or Continuing Education at UW-L. 



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Professional Background and Publications

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