Interested in working in the lab?

Graduate students and select undergraduates are welcome to participate in research activities in the lab.  Graduate students interested in research or students who are in their junior year of their undergraduate degree are ideal candidates.  Undergraduate research opportunities often include participation in data collection, analysis, and computer work.  This may ultimately lead to a undergraduate research internship, writing an undergraduate research grant and presenting research at undergraduate research day.  Graduate student are encouraged to apply for grants and present at scientific meetings.  If you are a student that is interested in participating in lab activities, please contact me by phone at 608-785-8468 or via e-mail at

This is an excellent opportunity to work in a lab setting related to your interests in human movement research.  Experiences may help you reach your career goals or may help you find a niche in graduate school.

La Crosse Institute for Movement Science (LIMS)

Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory