Undergraduate Student Research

Undergraduate students interested in biomechanics can work in the lab on directed research projects.  We have had undergraduate students from mostly Physics, Biology, and Exercise and Sport Science participate in our research efforts.  Students interested in careers in Medicine, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Biomedical Engineering, and Biomechanics find that undergraduate research experience makes a difference!

Students in the Biomedical Concentration in Physics are required to participate in the various research activities in our lab.  Students have presented our work at the University Undergraduate Research Day (see photos on right) and sometimes national caliber meetings in sports medicine, rehabilitation and biomechanics.  Former students have gone on to graduate school in Physical Therapy (at UW-L and elsewhere), Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (at other campuses).

Undergraduates obtain funding for their research through undergraduate research grants and the Science and Allied Health's Dean's Distinguished Summer Research Fellowship Program.

This is a really unique opportunity for undergraduates to work in a multidisciplinary research setting directly with faculty and other students.  Undergraduate students often work right along our graduates students in our lab.