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Instructor Biography

My educational background is primarily in the healthcare field. I have certifications in radiography, radiation therapy, and medical dosimetry. My Bachelor of Science degree is in Health Arts. I have a Master of Science degree in Education and a certificate in E-Learning and Online Teaching.

Most of my professional career has been in the field of Radiation Oncology. Most of my educational teaching experience has been in this career field. I have taught classes such as clinical oncology and anatomy and physiology as well as clinical practicum in the clinical internship environment. Most of the students I have taught have been adult learners. 

Currently, I am the Director of the Medical Dosimetry Program at UW-La Crosse in the College of Science and Health – Health Professions Department. I teach all of my courses exclusively online. I developed the program and the online courses and continue to complete the administrative duties of the program and teach all of the courses in the program. I also monitor the student clinical internship training throughout the program.

I have a special interest in online teaching as I have completed online courses myself since the mid-90’s and I have taught online courses since starting the program in 2003. My MS degree thesis focused on student perceptions in a web-based program. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Education with a special focus on Education Technology & E-Learning.