General Chemistry I (CHM103)
Fall 2010 : Dr. A. Loh

Welcome to the Chem103 web page. On the left you will find links to materials from class, as well as archive materials (materials from a previous semester).

You will also find answer keys, which you can download and print out after the due date for each assignment. Corrections on all handouts and keys are posted on the corrections page. If you find an error that is not posted, let me know (e-mail is best) - the first person to find a given error will earn an extra point towards their final grade!

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Other useful CHM103 links:

  • Click here to obtain an ID code for the course
  • Click here to use the Gradulator (calculate your current grade and/or potential grade - you will need an ID code first)
  • Click here (or on the left menu button) for CHM 103 Archive: Materials from a previous semester of Chem103
  • Are you interested in joining a study group? Send Dr. Loh an e-mail message, and she'll network you with other interested classmates
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