ARC 395: Graduate Preparation Seminar

This seminar is designed to provide Archaeology Majors a forum in which they can formulate a post-graduate plan prior to graduating.  If you are interested in continuing your education in graduate school, this seminar will help you by directing you to:

(a)  Outline your personal research interests (this is critical for acceptance to the top programs),

(b)  Identify graduate programs that suite your research interests,

(c)  Establish contact with scholars in the programs you decide to target,

(d)  Develop a "Recommendation Portfolio" (including your resume, writing samples, grade statistics, a statement of interests and needs in a graduate program, etc.) that you can give your references so they can write effective recommendation letters,

(e)  Prepare for, and understand graduate school expectations of GRE's and other entrance requirements, and

(f)  Develop high quality application packages to maximize your success.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) directly after graduation you will also benefit from this seminar.  Since it employs the vast majority of archaeologists in the United States, understanding the CRM industry is essential to those students continuing in graduate school as well.  By taking this seminar, students will:

(a)  Gain an understanding of the CRM job market,

(b)  Learn about the many career opportunities that exist in CRM,

(c)  Learn what potential CRM employers are looking for in an employee,

(d)  Develop an impressive resume, and

(e)  Establish contacts with potential employers prior to graduation.

At different times during the seminar, panels of faculty and staff may present their insights into various topics (e.g., The Secret to Success in Graduate School, Pursuing a Career in CRM, etc.), and students will be given an opportunity to ask questions.  Thus, students will be given the valuable opportunity of drawing upon the cumulative experience of the Archaeology Studies faculty and MVAC staff, all of whom have extensive experience in graduate school and/or CRM.

 This course is offered every Fall semester.