Broader impacts

I have a track record for involving students in research and for using my research in my teaching. Furthermore, my work is directly applicable to conservation management; my projects are developed in collaboration with regional land managers to address pressing questions regarding invasion, restoration, and climate change.

I have also collaborated on a novel teacher education program, giving Biology Education majors experience with scientific research. Students participate in my CA climate change project and use that experience to develop Next Generation Science Standards-based curricular materials. Lessons are peer reviewed and published on Science NetLinks, a AAAS-funded online resource. This multiplies the broader impacts of my work, since they bring the experience to their K-12 classrooms. Some of the published lesson plans are linked here (see CV for authors):

Using field notebooks for biodiversity study

Grassland plants: plant identification

Simulating climate change research in grasslands

This work is supported by an NSF LTREB and the UW-L College of Science and Health and is being carried out in collaboration with Tim Gerber. River picture from Rick Gillis.