Community responses to simulated climate change

Since 2001, I have collaborated on a watering experiment testing alternative scenarios for climate change in northern California. We have found that short-term, direct responses to altered climate are overridden over time by community-level responses. Thus, where species interactions are sensitive to altered climate, they have the potential to drive ecosystem responses. We continue to monitor the original plots, and in 2009 we established a new experiment to test the hypothesized mechanism of our original results

I travel to this northern California field site with students every May. UW-L students interested in assisting with the project should contact me early in the Spring semester. Please see Broader impacts for additional information on research opportunities for Biology Education majors.

This work is supported by an NSF LTREB and the UW-L College of Science and Health. It is being carried out at the UC Angelo Reserve in collaboration with my UW-L colleague Tim Gerber and with Blake Suttle at Imperial College, London; please see Collaborators links for more information.