Associate Professor
Mathematics Department
River Studies Center
1027 Cowley Hall
La Crosse, WI 54601
email : jpeirce AT uwlax DOT edu

2008-2011 Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Councilor
2007-2008 Wisconsin Teaching Fellow
2005-2006 Project NExT fellow (sterling dot)

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MTH 208

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9:55-10:50 MTH 208 MTH 208 MTH 208 MTH 208 Math Bio Research
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12:05-1:00 MTH 353 Office Hours MTH 353   MTH 353
1:10-2:05 MTH 150 MTH 150 MTH 150 MTH 150 Dynamical Systems
3:00-4:00 Office Hours 251 Murphy Math Bio Seminar Office Hours 251 Murphy    
4:00-5:00 Office Hours 251 Murphy   Office Hours 251 Murphy    


I enjoy teaching and motivating my students to become better mathematicians. In any level of mathematics, it is important that students improve upon their critical thinking skills. In addition to discussing the tools needed to solve problems, we work on how the concepts are connected. As an applied mathematician, I enjoying studying the various ways mathematics can be applied to better understand problems in biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, and business. I include many of these connections in my courses. I expect my students to be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to new problems that arise in their major.



I am interested in applied mathematics. I study the methods for using mathematics to describe and understand problems from other disciplines. My first research experience examined fluid motion. One approach to studying fluid motion is to study equations that involve an averaged fluid velocity. I helped find conditions to describe when solutions to the averaged equations exist.

Currently I am studying applications of mathematics to the biological sciences. I developing and analyzing systems of differential equation for a host-parasite system in the upper Mississippi River system.

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Personal Interests

Hiking with my dog, kayaking the river, tennis, and playing music with my colleagues.