Members of the CORE program

Student Participants


2011: Maria Jansen (Math), Matthew Rittenhouse (Biology), Kari Soltau (Biology), Kacie Van Calster (Math),


Faculty Mentors

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Dr. James Peirce, Mathematics Department. Dr. Peirce is an applied mathematician with expertise in differential equations, mathematical biology, and modeling. He has mentored 4 undergraduate students in research topics ranging from fluid dynamics to epidemiological models. In 2009, Dr. Peirce created a new course in Mathematical Models in Biology (MTH 265) that is offered every spring.

Dr. Greg Sandland, Biology Department. Dr. Sandland is an evolutionary ecologist with an interest in host-parasite interactions. He has mentored over 20 undergraduate students over the last 3 years on a number of projects ranging from invasive-species dynamics to parasite-mediated pathology in host organisms. Over the last two summers (2008 & 2009) he and Dr. Haro have overseen over 10 student projects involving the interaction between B. tentaculata and its exotic parasites. Results from this work will provide a strong baseline of knowledge for guiding projects developed within the UBM-CORE program.

Dr. Barb Bennie, Mathematics Department. Dr. Bennie is a statistician with expertise in probability and game theory. She was recently the director of the Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) at UW-L. As director, Dr. Bennie provided advice and assistance in areas of sampling, experimental design, data modeling and analysis as well as interpretation and written communication of results for projects on campus that required statistical methods.

haroDr. Roger Haro, Biology Deparment. Dr. Haro is an aquatic ecologist with an interest in freshwater ecosystems, the biology of benthic invertebrates and fish, and landscape ecology. Dr. Haro has advised 7 graduate students and 20 undergraduate projects resulting in 4 publications. He is currently serving as the director of the McNair Program and as a faculty coordinator for the Cooperative Educational Agreement between UW-L and the U.S. Geological Survey.