Advice to Undergraduates with an Interest in

Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior


The Management major at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse offers students the flexibility to pursue their own interests.  If you are a student who is interested in Human Resource (HR) Management (also called "talent management" or "Personnel Administration") and Organizational Behavior, there are several Management courses that you will find interesting and relevant: 

It is recommended that 300-level courses be taken your Junior year and 400-level courses be taken your senior year.  All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.  Not all MGT courses are listed below; just some of the ones of particular interest to HR & Org. Beh. students. 

MGT 300 Business Communication (rarely offered)

MGT 303 Principles of Labor-Management Relations (usually offered at least once a year and in the summer).

MGT 308 Behavior and Theory in Organizations.  (required for the CBA; offered most semesters and in the summer)

MGT 385 Human Resources: Employment (usually offered in the Spring; highly recommended as an "overview of HR" course)

MGT 386 Compensation and Benefits Administration (usually offered in the Fall)

MGT 400 Management Forum (offered occasionally -- a "topics" course whose topic varies across semesters and instructors)

MGT 408 Change and Changing Contexts of Management (required for the Management major; offered most semesters)

MGT 412 Emergent Leadership and Team Development (offered occasionally)

MGT 431 Business, Labour, and Human Rights (offered occasionally)

MGT 450 Internship (highly recommended for those planning to work in the HR field; consult Career Services for available opportunities)

MGT 452 International Internship (recommended for those planning to work in the international HR field)

MGT 483 Corporate Training (offered occasionally)

MGT 484 International Human Resource Management (offered occasionally)

MGT 485 Collective Bargaining (offered occasionally; traditionally in the fall)

MGT 486 Human Resource Management:  Current Issues and Policies (offered in the Spring; highly recommended)

MGT 487 Male/Female Relationships in the Business Environment (rarely offered)


A typical schedule for someone interested in HR and Org. Beh. their junior and senior years (HR and Org. Beh. courses are listed in bold). This schedule includes additional required courses for MGT major (e.g., MGT 360 and MGT 328) and for the College of Business Administration (e.g., FIN 355):

Fall, Junior Year:        Spring, Junior Year:                Fall, Senior Year        Spring, Senior Year

  MGT 308                   MGT 385                               MGT 386                    MGT 486

  MGT 328                    MGT 393                               MGT 485                    MGT 483

  MGT 303                   MGT 431                               MGT 484                    MGT 408

  FIN 355                      MGT 360                                MGT 450                    MGT 449

  MKT 309                    BUS 305                                Other elective             Other elective (e.g. MGT 412)




Other Possible Courses of Interest


Courses exist in many departments at UW-L that students interested in Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior may wish to consider as general electives.  While most of these will not count toward the Management major (with the exception of the business law courses, designated as BUS), they will count toward the 120 credits to graduate.  Note that many of these have prerequisites which are not listed here.  Please check your catalogue for prerequisites and WINGS for course availability.


BUS 305    Business Law

BUS 415    Current Topics in Law (rarely offered; see appropriate faculty re taking the course via 'independent study' if interested)

CST 260    Professional Communication

CST 351    Interviewing

ECO 310   Managerial Economics

ECO 330   Labor Economics

ECO 336   Women in the U.S. Economy

EDM 319   Technology for Teaching & Learning (2 cr.)

ENG 307   Writing for Management, Public Relations, and the Professions

ENG 308   Technical Writing

ESS  201   Safety, First Aid, & CPR (1 cr.)

ESS 452    Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (2 cr.)

FIN 360    Principles of Insurance

FIN 361    Life Insurance

HED 436   Alcohol, Health, & Behavior (1 cr.)

CHE 466   Worksite Health Promotion

PHL 340    Business & Professional Ethics

POL 211    Introduction to Public Administration

POL 311    Public Personnel Administration

PSY 317    Individual Differences

PSY 341    Social Psychology

PSY 376    Industrial & Organizational Psychology

REC 302    Recreational Leadership & Supervision

SOC 314    Industry and Society

SOC 334    Sociology of Small Groups