Boland, M., & Ross, W. H. (2010).  Emotional Intelligence and dispute mediation in

  escalating and de-escalating situations. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, in press.



A scenario-based laboratory experiment investigated how Emotional Intelligence (EI) influenced informal mediation.  A 2 x 2 factorial design varied subject’s EI level (high vs. low) and whether disputant hostility was escalating or de-escalating.  Dependent variables included mediation goals and tactics. Results indicated that high EI mediators were more likely than low EI mediators to pursue the goal of achieving an overall mutually-satisfactory agreement.  High EI mediators were more likely than low EI mediators to report a willingness to use a larger number of mediation tactics to promote a compromise.  By contrast, low EI mediators were more likely to endorse using “pressing,” “compensating,” and “inaction” techniques. Results suggest that individual differences in EI should be considered in future mediation research.













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