Chen, J. V., & Ross, W. H. (2005).  The Decision to Implement Electronic Monitoring  at Work:


                 A Literature Review and a Set of Testable Research Propositions.  International Journal of


                Organizational Analysis, 13 (3), 244-268.





In recent years, electronic performance monitoring (EPM) has increased dramatically.  The managerial decision to implement an EPM system is important for it has significant implications for an organization.  Even so, little attention has been paid by researchers to this decision. The present paper reviews the published research on EPM and identifies factors that probably impact this decision.  A model is offered to help researchers identify relevant psychological and organizational variables that may impact the decision to implement an EPM system. Psychologically, issues of trust, privacy, social facilitation, justice beliefs and stress reactions must be considered.  Organizationally, a firmís Human Resource strategy, organizational culture, and anticipated consequences of EPM (i.e., increasing performance, reducing theft) are also discussed.






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