MGT 738: Labor-Management Relations

This course offers an in-depth examination of the process, structure, evaluation and practices of effective labor-management relations. 

Special emphasis is given to the impact of unions on management. 


Topics include: History of the U.S. labor movement, union organizing, grievances, collective bargaining, arbitration, public-sector labor relations, and

labor-management relations in Europe as well as the United States.



MGT 738:  Link to the Fall 2013, Syllabus (MS-Word; no student names; updated August 17, 2013)

MGT 738 Project:  Predicting union voting propensity (also available via D2L)

                ●  Instructions, Fall, 2013 (MS-Word; approx. 21 pages)

                ●  Data Set (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, SPSS)