Ross, W. H. (2005, Summer).  Web Logs and Recruiting:  Directions for Future Research. Communications of the ICISA, 7, (1), 1-12.



 Web logs (also called “weblogs” or “blogs”) are informal opinions and descriptions posted to the Internet.  Web logs sometimes include employee opinions as well as descriptions of organizational life. Web logs are becoming popular with job seekers who want to learn more about an organization.  Recruiters are also beginning to employ web logs as a recruiting tool to supplement more traditional recruiting methods.  This paper explores the use of web logs for recruiting purposes, offering several testable research propositions pertaining to web log design.  These propositions are drawn from the field of social psychology, where much research on attitude formation and change has been conducted.  This paper applies this body of research to the development of web logs by recruiters. 


Keywords:  Web logs, Weblogs, Blogs, Human Resource Management, Recruiting, Selection


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