Ross, W. H. (2005, Summer).  What Every Human Resource Manager Should Know About Web Logs.

                Society for the Advancement of Management (S.A.M.) Advanced Management Journal, 70, (3), 4-14.



Web logs (also called “weblogs” or “blogs”) are informal journals or diaries posted to the internet.  This paper describes four types of web logs of interest to Human Resource (HR) managers.  Organizational web logs are used for a variety of purposes, including employee communication and recruiting functions.  Professional interest web logs allow HR managers to discuss common issues (e.g., legal compliance). Personal employee web logs are where employees, sometimes, on their own, discuss work-related issues.  Job applicants may also submit these so that recruiters get a sense of the applicant’s personality.  Hostile web logs exist to “warn” consumers, employees, and prospective applicants of managerial policies at specific firms.  Each type of web log is discussed, along with relevant HR issues.  Suggestions for writing appropriate HR policies are also offered.




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