Mediation control techniques: A  test  of  Kolb's 'Orchestrators' and 'Dealmakers' model.

By Carol Baker,  &  William H.  Ross, (1992).

International Journal of Conflict Management, 3,  319-341.

The present study attempted to replicate the findings of D. Kolb's research identifying two groups of mediators, which she labeled 'Dealmkaers' and 'Orchestrators.'

Seventy-seven mediators who were members of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR) were presented with a written dispute and asked to report the likelihood that they would use each of nine different mediation techniques.  The techniques corresponded to B. Sheppard's taxonomy of Process Control, Content Control, and Motivational Control techniques.  They also reated the perceived effectiveness of each of these three types of control with the dispute.

Based upon their responses, the mediators were separated into groups using average-link cluster analysis.  The responses suggested four clusers:
*Cluster 1 (n = 52) members corresponded to Kolb's 'Dealmakers,' relying upon Process, Content, and Motivational Control techniques.
*Cluster 2 (n = 8) members did not correspond to either of Kolb's classifications, choosing to use Content and Motivational Control techniques.
*Cluster 3 (n = 9) members were similar to Kolb's 'Orchestrators,' relying upon Process and Content Control techniques.
*Cluster 4 (n = 4) members expressed reluctance to use any of the provided control strategies.

These findings suggest a replication and extension of Kolb's initial work.  Implications for future research are discussed.

Kolb, D. M. (1983).  The mediators. Cambridge, MA:  MIT Press.
Sheppard, B. H. (1984).  Third party conflict intervention:  A procedural framework.  Research in Organziational Behavior, 6, 141-190.

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