Loersch, J., & Ross, W. H. (2009).  Negotiation Role-Play Exercise:  

       “What’s in a Name?”  Conflict over Naming a Stadium. International Journal of Conflict

Management, 20, (4), 398 - 419.



Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe a classroom negotiation exercise.  A case involving controversy over the naming of a sports stadium containing a university football field and track is described.  A local municipality, representing veterans groups, negotiates with university officials over a university plan to rename “Veteran’s Memorial Stadium” after a recently-retired football coach. 

Design/methodology/approach – The negotiation activity is adapted from an actual case.  It requires little advance preparation and can be used with either pairs or small groups of participants.  ‘Teaching Notes’ provide instructions for using the activity. 

Findings – The ‘Teaching Notes’ examine how this controversy illustrates several concepts related to conflict, integrative bargaining, power and negotiating on behalf of constituents.

Originality/value – The case differs from many published cases in that one side’s position was apparently rooted in values and matters of principle whereas the other side’s position was interest-based.  The student must grapple with these dynamics, while seeking an integrative solution to the issues.

 Key Words:  Negotiation exercise, Case study, integrative bargaining, decision making, accountable negotiators, public dispute.

Classification:  Case Study.





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