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Personal Stuff
(Stuff nobody probably cares about but me...)*


Conflict, Conflict, Everywhere!  What Do I Do?
Here's Some Professional and Academic Websites:

    International Association for Conflict Management:     http://iacm-conflict.org/

    Wisconsin Association of Mediators:   http://www.wamediators.org/

    Conflict Management Division of the Academy of Management:  http://division.aomonline.org/cm/

My Favorite Webcasting Radio Stations:

    ·WAY-FM         http://www.wayfm.com 
    ·Air 1 Network   http://www.air1radio.com

My Nominee for the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame:
 The Newsboys (www.newsboys.com)

This band has been around since the 1980s and it is amazing how well their blend of pop and rock music has stood the test of time.  They continue to release albums that sound relevant and are just plain fun.  The band has had several lead singers, but every time one leaves (e.g. to start a solo career), they simply reload and keep on going.  The latest lead singer is Michael Tait, formerly of DC Talk.   

Or, if you Prefer Some Music that is a little "Calmer"...

     ·The Outreach Quartet    http://www.outreachquartet.com
    This acapella men's quartet features La Crosse native and accomplished pianist Peter Wright (who is now a minister of music at a Baptist church in Indiana). Great harmonies and melodies...

Need A Dose of Dilbert?


Read A Book About A Business Organization Lately?
Here's One!  However, Be Careful -- It May Challenge Your Assumptions!

Book Cover:  "Me, Myself, & Bob"

Vischer, Phil (2006).  Me, Myself, & Bob:  A true story about dreams, God, and talking vegetables.  Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.  In this book, Phil Vischer, the creator of the children's television series Veggietales (seen on NBC) tells about the video company he started (called Big Idea Productions) its rise and eventual fall into bankruptcy.   Along the way, he breaks just about every "Principle of Management" in the book. For example, Phil hires far too many managers (can you say "administrative intensity"?), including a CEO who works there for fully two years before learning what the company's mission is -- whereupon he quits!  Both funny and bittersweet, it is a cautionary tale to anyone who starts a business:  The greatest danger may be in sudden success.   

What are YOU Doing to End Slavery, Genocide, and Persecution?

    ·Breakpoint  Briefing Pages on Slavery in the Sudan
    This link has information about persecution in the Sudan, pending federal resolutions, and valuable information about
    what you can do to take a stand against such persecution (search under "Sudan").  It also has commentary on other current events.

    ·Voice of the Martyrs
    This link discusses persecution worldwide and offers suggestions for those who want to help stop these abuses of human rights.

My Family:

My family is important to me and UW-La Crosse provides good work-life balance, considering family obligations when scheduling classes, allowing me to work from home some of the time, etc.  My wife is wonderful! Also, my children are all healthy, smart, kind, and active.  The LORD is good to me!

Concerned about protecting your first amendment freedoms of speech, religion, association, etc. when dealing with the government, public education, and even private employers?

The following links are to organizations providing information -- and, in some instances, legal advice -- when dealing with such matters:

    *Liberty Counsel: http://www.lc.org/   (Liberty Counsel's daily 10-minute radio program can be heard locally on WVCX from

    Tomah, Wisconsin, FM 98.9 at 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday).

    *American Center for Law and Justice:  http://aclj.org/

    *Alliance Defense Fund:  http://www.alliancedefensefund.org/main/default.aspx

    *Society for Human Resource Management:  http://www.shrm.org/

    *The Rutherford Institute:  http://www.rutherford.org/


* = These "thought-provoking" topics and links are provided for education and entertainment purposes only; they do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the professor (and their appearance on this page does not constitute an official endorsement by the state of Wisconsin, the University of  Wisconsin System, the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, or any subunits thereof).