1984-present:        Member of the Graduate Faculty of the Department of Management,
                             University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
                             Professor of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.

                        Duties include conducting research, service, and teaching the following courses:
                        1.  Principles of Labor-Management Relations,
                        2.  Human Resources:  Current Issues & Policies,
                        3.  Principles of Management,
                        4.  Labor-Management Relations (MBA Level),
                        5.  Organizational Behavior & Development,
                        6.  Human Resources:  Current Issues (MBA Level), and
                        7.  Labor and the Media.
                        8.  Corporate Training


        2003    Who's Who In Business Higher Education

        2001    Invited Speaker, UW-L Freshman Convocation Address.


        2000    Winner: Charles Nichol Essay Award for the article, "Measuring Success in Mediation" published in

                            The Mediation Journal; Award presented by the Wisconsin Association of Mediators.


        1999    Member, Beta Gamma Sigma honor society.


        1998    Paper, "Hybrid forms of dispute resolution:  Theoretical implications of combining mediation

                            and arbitration,"  Nominated for the "Best Paper" award in the Conflict Management Division

                              at the Academy of Management convention.

        1996    Who's Who Among American Teachers

                    Nominated for College of Business Administration, "Teacher of the Year" Award,

                           University of Wisconsin - La Crosse:
                        *1989-1990 Academic Year.
                        *1987-1988 Academic Year.
                        *1986-1987 Academic Year.
                        *1984-1985 Academic Year.
                   (Note:  This award has not been offered since 1990).

        1987     Recipient, "Best Mediation and Dispute Resolution   Paper" Award,
                            First International Convention of the  International Association for Conflict Management.

        1979     Member, Phi Kappa Phi honor society.
                     Member, Psi Chi honor society.
                     Member, Phi Beta Kappa Members in the Auburn Community honor society.

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