Journal Articles dealing with Human Resource Management, Labor & Employment Relations, and Bargaining


             Secchi, D., & Ross, W. H. (2013).  Analyzing Negotiation and Third Party

                        Dispute Resolution Procedures Through Distributed Cognition.  Journal of

             Collective Negotiations.   In press.  An earlier version of this paper

   was presented at the 69th National Academy  of Management Convention, Chicago, IL, August 7-11, 2009.

            Slovensky, R., & Ross, W. H. (2012).  Should Human Resource Managers use

                        Social Media Information to Screen Job Applicants?  Managerial and Legal

                        Considerations in the United States.  Info, Vol. 14, (1), in press.                 

            Ross, W. H., & Secchi, D. (2010). Using Distributed Cognition to re-design   a

                        Collective Bargaining course.  Journal of Human Resource Education,

                        Vol. 4, (4), 1-14.  Available online at:   

           Bohnert, D. & Ross, W. H. (2010).  The influence of social networking websites on

                        The evaluation of job candidates.  Cyberpsychology, Behavior, & Social Networking, 13, (3), 341 347. .                                                     

          Ross, W. H., Meyer, C. J., Chen, J. V., & Keaton, P. (2009). The role of Human

                        Resource management in protecting information at telecommunications firms.

                        The Journal of Information Privacy and Security,  5, (1), 49 77.                                

                        An earlier version was presented at the Association for Global Business conference,

                        Newport Beach, CA:  Nov. 20 22, 2008.         

Boland, M. & Ross, W. H. (2007).  The impact of Self-Monitoring on the negotiation of

      emotionally-laden and non-emotionally-laden issues.  International Journal of Management &

      Enterprise Development, 4, No. 6, pp. 674 - 692.     

       Ross, W. H. (2005, Summer).  What Every Human Resource Manager Should Know About Web Logs.

                Society for the Advancement of Management (S.A.M.) Advanced Management Journal, 70, (3), 4-14.

        Ross, W. H. (2005, Summer).  Web Logs and Recruiting:  Directions for Future Research. 

                Communications of the ICISA, 7, (1), 1-12.

        Ross, W. H. (2004).  On Behalf of the I.W.W.:  Helen Keller's Role in  the Labor Movement.  Review of

                Disability Studies, 1, 70-79. (Co-authored)

       Ross, W. H. (2001). Interactive video negotiator training:  A preliminary evaluation of the McGill Negotiation Simulator. 

                Simulation & Gaming, 32, 451-468.  (Co-authored)


       Ross, W. H. (1996).  Multiple meanings of trust in negotiation theory and research:

                A literature review.  International Journal of Conflict Management, 7, 314-360. (Co-authored)

        Ross, W. H.  (1992).  Attitudes toward South  East  Asian immigrants in a Wisconsin

                community.  International Migration Review, 26 877-898. (Co-authored)

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                packages.  Omega:  The  International Journal of Management Science, 18, 415-423.

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                Classroom.  Academic Computing, 4, 26-29.

         Ross, W. H. (1986).   The  Use  of  Integrative   Personnel  Cases in a Senior-Level

                Human Resource Management Class.  Journal of Management Case Studies, 2, 328-333.





        Conlon, D. E., & Ross, W. H. (2012).  The Effect of Perceived (In)Justice on

                        Cooperativeness: Implications for Negotiators as “Justice-Enhancing

                        Communicators” in an era of Social Networking.  In D. Shapiro and B. Goldman

                        (Eds.) Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century Workplace (pp. 17-44).

                        New York, NY: Psychology Press/Routledge.       



          Ross, W. H.   (1989).    Beliefs  of   Mediators  and   Arbitrators Regarding  the Effects of
                Motivational and Content Control  Techniques in Disputes.  In M.A. Rahim (Ed.)
                Managing  Conflict:  An Interdisciplinary Approach, 209-219.  NY: Praeger.





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       Ross, W. H. (2010).  Trust.  In W. E. Craighead and C. B. Nemeroff (Eds.)
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