Journal Articles dealing with Procedural Justice Issues


          Ross, W. H., Meyer, C. J., Chen, J. V., & Keaton, P. (2009). The role of Human

                        Resource management in protecting information at telecommunications firms.

                        The Journal of Information Privacy and Security, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 49 - 77.                                

                        An earlier version was presented at the Association for Global Business conference,

                        Newport Beach, CA:  Nov. 20 22, 2008.

        Chen, J. V., Ross, W. H., & Huang, S. F. (2008).  Privacy, Trust, and Justice Considerations for

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        Chen, J. V., Ross, W. H., & Huang, S. F. (in press).  Responding to Consumer Fairness Concerns about Number

     Portability Policies.  International Journal of Mobile Communications. 

     An earlier version of this paper was presented at the Association for Chinese Management Educators’

     International Conference on Pacific Rim Management, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 27 – 29, 2006.

        Chen, J. V., & Ross, W. H. (2005).  The Decision to Implement Electronic Monitoring  at Work:


                 A Literature Review and a Set of Testable Research Propositions.  International Journal of


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                and  deadline certainty on negotiator behavior. Group  and Organization Studies, 15, 105-124.



        Conlon, D. E., & Ross, W. H. (2012).  The Effect of Perceived (In)Justice on

                        Cooperativeness: Implications for Negotiators as “Justice-Enhancing

                        Communicators” in an era of Social Networking.  In D. Shapiro and B. Goldman

                        (Eds.) Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century Workplace (pp. 17-44).

                        New York, NY: Psychology Press/Routledge.       




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                    candidates.  In Z. Yan (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior, Vol. 2, 537 - 549Hershey, PA: IGI Global.





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