Journal Articles dealing with Electronic Monitoring and Technology Issues


Flores, W., Chen, J. V., & Ross, W. H. (2013).  The Effect of Variations in Banner Ad,

            Type of Product, Website Context, and Language of Advertising on Internet

Users’ Attitudes.  Computers in Human Behavior, 31, 37 – 47.   2012 Impact

Factor: 2.06.  An earlier version of this paper was presented at the

Technology, Innovation, and Industrial Management (TIIM) Conference,

Phuket, Thailand, May 29-31, 2013.


            Slovensky, R., & Ross, W. H. (2012).  Should Human Resource Managers use Social

                        Media Information to Screen Job Applicants?  Managerial and Legal

                        Considerations in the United States.  Info, Vol. 14, (1), in press.                 

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            Predicting Internet Abuse at Work.  Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial

            Research on Cyberspace, Vol. 5, article 5. 

            Pfleuger, P.R., Chen, J. V., & Ross, W. H. (2011).  Consumers’ Ethical Perceptions of

                        RFID in Retail.  International Journal of Radio Frequency Identification

                        Technology and Applications, Vol. 3 (1), 124 - 140.  [Special issue on the use of

                        RFID in management and marketing]. 

            Bohnert, D. & Ross, W. H. (2010).  The influence of social networking websites on

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            Chen, J. V., Chen, K. C., & Ross, W. H. (2010).  Antecedents of Online Game Dependency -

                         the Implications of Multimedia Realism and Uses & Gratifications theory

                        Journal of Database Management, Vol. 21, (2), 69 - 99..

            Ross, W. H., Meyer, C. J., Chen, J. V., & Keaton, P. (2009). The role of Human

                        Resource management in protecting information at telecommunications firms.

                        The Journal of Information Privacy and Security,  5, (1), 49 – 77.                                

                        An earlier version was presented at the Association for Global Business conference,

                        Newport Beach, CA:  Nov. 20 – 22, 2008.

Chen, J. V., Ross, W. H., Yen, D. C. & Akhapon, L. (2009).  The effect of types of banner ad,

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        Chen, J. V., Ross, W. H., & Huang, S. F. (2008).  Privacy, Trust, and Justice Considerations for

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                  Information, Communication, and Society, 10, (4), 487 - 504. 

        Chen, J. V., & Ross, W. H. (2005).  The Decision to Implement Electronic Monitoring  at Work:


                 A Literature Review and a Set of Testable Research Propositions.  International Journal of


                Organizational Analysis, 13 (3), 244-268.


        Ross, W. H. (2002). Watching the detectives: Seasonal student employee reactions to electronic monitoring. 

                Personnel Psychology, 55, 329-362. (Co-authored)



        Conlon, D. E., & Ross, W. H. (2012).  The Effect of Perceived (In)Justice on

                        Cooperativeness: Implications for Negotiators as “Justice-Enhancing

                        Communicators” in an era of Social Networking.  In D. Shapiro and B. Goldman

                        (Eds.) Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century Workplace (pp. 17-44).

                        New York, NY: Psychology Press/Routledge.       





        Ross, W., & Slovensky, R. (2012).   Using the Internet to attract and evaluate job

                    candidates.  In Z. Yan (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior, Vol. 2, 537 - 549Hershey, PA: IGI Global.



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