Ross, W. H., Chen, J. V., & Huang, S. F. (2007).  Adapting different media types to trust development in the supply chain. International Journal of Management & Enterprise Development, 4, (No. 4), 373-386. 



Building on a model of loyalty and mutual trust offered by Das (2005), the present paper proposes that different forms of communication media are most appropriate for different levels of trust in supply chains.  Specifically, visually-based media (e.g., face-to-face, videoconferencing) are most appropriate when seeking to first establish trust.  Audio-based media (e.g., telephone, Voice over Internet Protocol) are appropriate for semi-stable relationships where trust has been established.  Text-based media (e.g., e-mail, discussion lists) should be reserved for those relationships that are well-established and where trust levels are high.  The paper issues a call for research to test this framework.



Keywords: Negotiation strategies, trust, supply-chain management, communication media, internet, loyalty, enterprise