Chen, J. V., Ross, W. H., Yen, D. C., & Akhapon, L.  (2009). 

The Effect of Types of Banner Ad, Web Localization and
Customer Involvement on Internet Users’ Attitudes.
CyberPsychology and Behavior, 12, (1), 71 - 73.



            In the present study, three characteristics of web sites were varied: types of banner ad, web localization, and involvement in purchasing a product. The dependent variable was attitude toward the site. In laboratory experiments conducted in Thailand and Taiwan subjects browsed versions of a web site containing different types of banner ads and products. As a within- subject factor, each participant browsed both a standardized English-language web site and a localized web site. Results showed that animated (rather than static) banner ads, localized versions (rather than a standardized version) of web sites and high (rather than low) product involvement led to favorable attitudes toward the site.









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