Steven Simpson
2051 Health Science Center   (608) 785-8216

Representative Publications  



Simpson, Steven. 2011. Rediscovering Dewey: A Reflection on Independent Thinking.  Bethany, OK: Wood N’ Barnes, 225 pp.

Cavert, Chris, and Steven Simpson.  2010. The Chiji Guidebook: A Collection of Experiential Activities and Ideas for Using Chiji Cards.  Bethany, OK: Wood N’ Barnes, 112 pp.

Simpson, Steven, Dan Miller, and Buzz Bocher.  2006.  The Processing Pinnacle: An Educator’s Guide to Better Processing.  Oklahoma City: Wood N’ Barnes, 200 pp.

Simpson, Steven. 2003. The Leader Who is Hardly Known: Self-less Teaching from the Chinese Tradition.  Oklahoma City: Wood N' Barnes, 196pp.


Recent Journal Articles in Collaboration with Students

Wu, Yan-yan, and Steven Simpson.  2011.  Dewey on Leisure.  Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership, 3(1):1-9.

Schultz, Jeremy, Steven Simpson, and Abdulaziz Elfessi. 2011.  The environmental action and philosophy matrix: An exploratory study of the environmental attitudes of recreation management and environmental studies students.  Journal of Environmental Education, 42(2): 98-108.

Rasmussen, Hallie, and Steven Simpson.  2010. Disturbance of waterfowl by boaters on Pool 4 of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. Society and Natural Resources, 23(4): 322-331.   

Kohl, Randy, and Steven Simpson. May 2008.  Teaching old dogs new tricks: Processing training for experienced facilitators.  Association for Experiential Education Horizon. On-line at http://horizon.aee.org/horizons/Practitioners_Corner.htm.

Ball, James, Steven Simpson, Patricia Ardovino, and Karen Skemp-Arlt. 2008.  Leadership competencies of university recreational directors in Wisconsin.  Recreational Sports Journal, 32(1) 3-10.



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