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THA 110 - Theatre Appreciation - Fall  - 2008 
SECTION 3 -8:50 -9:45 T, H – 209 CWH
SECTION 6 -9:55 - 10:50 T, H - 209 CWH


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COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Theatre Appreciation is designed to provide an overview of, and an introduction to, the theatre as an art form: it's nature, elements, genres, styles, and techniques.  Course content is based on the supposition that a love for and knowledge of the theatre--whether as an active participant, a reader of good plays, or simply as a member of a theatre audience--is a significant means of enriching individual human existence.
   Lectures, discussions, and other course activities will center, generally, on three areas:  (1) the personal significance of theatre; (2) aspects of theatre production; and (3) the structure and forms of drama.  Every effort will be made to develop these topics primarily in terms of their importance to the individual audience member's understanding and appreciation of the elements of a theatrical production.

TEXT: None

AUDITIONS:  (Audition Policies)
The Diviners
- Wednesday, September 3, 6:00 p.m. TOLAND THEATRE
    Midsummer Night’s Dream
– Monday, October 13, 6:00 p.m. TOLAND THEATRE

 PRODUCTIONSEach student is encouraged to see as much theatre as they can.  However, you are required to attend the following University Theatre Productions: 


CLASS PARTICIPATION:  It is expected that each student will complete assigned readings as per the class schedule.  Please bring your text to each class.  You are expected to participate in all class discussions and projects.

EXAMS & QUIZZES:  There will be a midterm exam and a final scheduled.  Dates are indicated on the class schedule.  NO MAKEUP EXAMS will be given except under extenuating circumstances.  There are quizzes listed on the class schedule.  The Instructor reserves the right to give unannounced quizzes.  These quizzes will be averaged into the students quiz/participation grade.

FINAL EXAM:  The student has two options for the final exam for this course;

OPTION 1: Report to the classroom at the scheduled exam time and take a comprehensive written (computer graded) exam.

OPTION 2: Participate in production work on a Mainstage show.  Work throughout the semester in one of the shops or offices, or participate as a running crew for one of the productions.  You are then to write a paragraph (or two) about what you learned working on the production. You must report to the classroom at the scheduled exam time and turn your paper in. You will receive a letter grade for your crew work.

Pre-production crews are worth up to 100 points
Shop crews are worth up to 110 points
Running crews are worth up to 125 points

The sign-up for the Final Exam option will take place on Thursday, September 4, 4:00 p.m., in The Lobby of the Center for the Arts. Positions fill early & will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Any Student with a documented disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, or hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the instructor and the Disability Resource Services office (165 Murphy Library) at the beginning of the semester. Students who are currently using the Disability Resource Services office will have a copy of a contract that verifies they are qualified students with disabilities who have documentation on file in the Disability Resource Services office.


I believe that fulfilling the minimum requirements in this class warrant no more than a grade of a C.  The superior grade of A (or AB) requires exemplary work.  In my classes, everyone starts out average and must exhibit excellence and excel in their class work.  Points are earned, not taken away.

October 21, 2008