Math 145 - Elementary Statistics (Fall 2012)



Reminder : Our final exam will be on Monday (12/16/2013) between 2:30pm-4:30pm in room Cowley Hall 140.

List of formulas for the final exam

List of formulas for exam #4

Occupation.sav (SPSS Assignment 3 data set)

Price_Promo.sav (SPSS Assignment 3 data set)

SPSS Assignment #3 (due Monday, 12/16/2013)

Linear Regression podcast (c/o Dr. Will)

List of formulas for exam #3

SPSS Assignment #2 (due Tuesday, 11/19/2013)

SPSS Assignment #1 (due Tuesday, 9/24/2013)

health_exam_data.sav (SPSS Assignments data set)

Fall 2013 Long Exams:


SPSS Tutorials:

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