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How can I do better?

  • "I don't know why I did so bad on the test.  I study for like ten hours the night before." -- The fact that you felt the need to study ten hours the night before the test shows that your weren't keeping up.
  • "I don't know why I did so bad on the test, I can do all of the homework problems."  The first time through a homework assignment do whatever you need to get it done--check answers in the back of the book, get help from a friend, look for a similar example in the text, etc.  But if you use any of these aids, you need to rework the homework assignment the next day.  You haven't gotten what you need from the assignment until you are able to do it on your own from start to finish with confidence and without reference to answers, examples, friends, or tutors.  And after you've gotten through the assignment once on your own you should look back on it from time to time to make sure you can still do it.
  • "I just don't get any of what Chapter 7 was about."  We spent ten days on Chapter 7.  You've waited too long to get help.  If you're lost one day, red lights should start to flash.  If you're lost two days in a row you need to take immediate action!  See me in office hours.
  • Find a good study group.  A good study group tracks down answers and makes sure that everyone in the group understands, e.g. "Yeah, I got that one.  Let me show how to do it", or "I don't know, let's ask about that one tomorrow in class".   A bad study group has members who try to make themselves feel okay about not understanding the material, e.g. "Man, I'm totally lost.", "Yeah, I got no idea what he's talking about.  Let's just skip it."
  • If you're looking for a place to study stats with others, try the Math Center

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