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MTH 310 Calculus III   Multivariate Calculus
Spring 2009
Dr. Todd Will, 2030 Cowley, 785-6650
Office Hours:  MTWTh 9:00-10:30

Course Description:   Calculus III   Multivariate Calculus     Cr. 4
A course in higher dimensional calculus, partial derivatives, and multiple integrals. Topics include parametric curves, polar and other coordinate systems, vector fields, scalar fields, the gradient vector, chain rule, Jacobian, Green's Theorem, Stokes' Theorem, and the Divergence Theorem.

Prerequisite: MTH 208.  

Text:  Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 6th Ed.  We will cover section 12.6, and most of chapters 10, 13, 14, 15, 16.

Attendance: Your alert and engaged attendance is your ticket to my office hours.  If you miss class due to circumstances beyond your control or if despite efforts you do not understand material covered in class, I am happy to provide additional help.  On the other hand, if you choose to skip class or sleep through class I will not provide private tutoring on the material you missed.  If you can't meet during my office hours, you can contact me by phone or email to set up an appointment.   You should also feel free to stop by my office any time and ask, "Do you have a minute?"  Excluding 30 minutes prior to my classes, I almost always do.

Important Dates:  The Final Exam will be Tue, May 12th, 4:45-6:45pm.  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE TIME LISTED IN THE COURSE CATALOG!   (Please let me know if you are also enrolled in MTH 145 as this is the scheduled time for the MTH 145 final.)  Midterm exams will be announced a week in advance and will occur roughly at the end of each of chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16.

Grading:  Subject to possible minor adjustments, your final grade will be based on several computer assignments (15%), numerous quizzes (15%), FOUR exams (50%), and a comprehensive final exam (20%).  Percentage to letter grade guarantees:  92-A, 82-B, 70-C, 60-D.   Final cutoffs for these grades as well as cutoffs for AB and BC will be determined based on clustering of scores.

No make-up exams or quizzes:  Any of your lowest two quiz scores which are lower than your final exam score will be replaced with your final exam score.  This allows you to miss up to two quizzes without significant penalty.  If you provide documentation that convinces me that you have missed a midterm exam due to circumstances beyond your control, I will use your final exam percentage to replace your missed exam.  In the absence of such documentation you will receive a 0 on the exam.

Quizzes:  Quizzes will be unannounced and occasionally occur during the first ten minutes of class.  I encourage you to get to class on time and review your notes and homework.  When class starts you should be ready to ask a question or be ready to take a quiz. 

Accommodations:  Any student with a documented disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, or hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the instructor and the Disability Resource Services Office (165 Murphy Library) at the beginning of the semester.

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