32nd Faculty Senate

Vol. 32, No. 18

May 7, 1998

I. Roll Call.

Present: Barmore, Claflin, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Host, S. Krajewski, Lazinger, MacDonald, L. Nelson, J. Parker, Prucha, D. Riley, Roskos, Shanks, Snowberg, P. Taylor, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Kraemer, N. Pati, Reithel, Socha.

II. Approval of Minutes.

There were no minutes to approve.

The senate took a break from the agenda enjoying refreshments provided by Provost/Vice Chancellor Lambert. Dr. Haupert took the opportunity to thank senators for their dedicated service this past year. He recognized Senator Barmore who is completing his sixth consecutive term on the faculty senate�a length of service record. He reminded the senate that in addition to length of service, Dr. Barmore holds the record for the most motions failed for lack of a second!

Dr. Claflin advised the senate that Dr. James Parker is retiring at the end of this academic year. He reflected on Dr. Parker�s distinguished service of 30 years at UW-LaCrosse including 18 years on the faculty senate serving as Secretary, Vice-Chair, At-Large Member, and as Faculty Representative. Dr. Parker has taught us about tolerance and intolerance. He fearlessly drew lines that defined his position regarding human rights and equality� and he continually defended that position with words, but more importantly, with actions and conviction. Claflin spoke for the entire faculty when he said to Dr. Parker, "thank you for all you have done and for helping to set the standards to which we should aspire."

III. Chair�s Report.


IV. Approve List of May 1998 Graduates.

M/S/P to approve the list of May 1998 graduates contingent upon the successful completion of the requirements for their respective degrees. (voice vote)

V. Committee on Faculty Committees.

Dr. Laura Nelson, Chair of the Committee on Faculty Committees, presented the report. Of the 397 preference forms distributed, 181 or 46% were returned. The committee continued its practice of adhering to academic unit representation as well as continuity of membership when making the committee assignments. Late applicants were given committee assignments and/or assignments as alternates to fill positions that would otherwise go vacant.

M/S/P to approve the Committee on Faculty Committees report. (voice vote)

VII. Audit and Review Reports - Academic Program Review Committee.

Dr. David Koster, Chair of the Academic Program Review Committee, joined the Senate. He explained the audit and review process and indicated that the new format works quite well, however in some cases is somewhat restrictive.

M/S/P to consider each report separately. (voice vote)

    A. Institute of Ethnic and Racial Studies. Dr. Jonathan Majak, Director of the Institute of Ethnic and Racial Studies, addressed the bylaws and assessment plan which are areas of concern identified within the report.

      M/S/P to approve the report. (voice vote with abstentions)

    B. Department of Music. Dr. Greg Balfany, Chair of the Music Department, reiterated the committee concerns regarding adjunct faculty and the fixed pool of monies from which they are paid.

      M/S/P to approve the report. (voice vote with abstentions)

    C. Department of Computer Science. Dr. David Riley, Chair of the Computer Science Department, requested that the senate return the report to committee to allow time for the department to respond to their concerns.

      M/S/P to return the report to the 1998-99 Academic Program Review Committee to allow time for the department to respond to concerns identified within the report. (voice vote with abstentions)

    D. Department of Health Education/Health Promotion. Dr. R. Daniel Duquette, Chair of the Health Education/Health Promotion Department, was available to answer any questions regarding the report.

      M/S/P to approve the report. (voice vote with abstentions)

    E. Department of Biology/Microbiology. Dr. Koster expects the committee report will be available at the beginning of the Fall 1998 semester.

VII. Proposed Changes in Faculty Organization - Articles & By-laws Committee.

Dr. Keith Sherony, Chair of the Articles & By-laws Committee, reviewed the changes to the Articles of Faculty Organization which brings the wording into compliance with the recent academic reorganization. Additionally, the proposed changes prohibit those with a full-time administrative assignment at the level of associate dean or higher from participating in faculty governance. The proposed changes further eliminates the "Non-Departmental Unit" for governance purposes. A tenured faculty member who is not a member of a department, and members of the Library Department shall be considered a member of the College of Liberal Studies for governance purposes.

    M/S to adopt the proposed changes in Faculty Organization.

    M/S/F to amend by striking paragraph IV.C.4.d., and changing IV.B.1. to read: The Faculty Senate shall consist of 25 members; four elected from the College of Liberal Studies (the college has the option of further designating specific representation within the college), three elected from the College of Science & Allied Health, one elected from the College of Business Administration, two elected from the Alliance of Education, Health, Physical Education, & Recreation, and Social Work, one elected from the Library Department, and 14 elected At-Large. (show of hands: 4-yes, 13-no, 2-abstain)

The main motion to adopt the proposed changes in Faculty Organization, PASSED. (show of hands: 14-yes, 4-no, 1-abstain)

VIII. Creation of the Joint Committee on Academic Advising and Student Retention.

Duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:

1. Establish campus-wide minimum standards of good practice for academic advising responsibilities.

2. Periodically review the local policies and practices regarding academic advising for each of the colleges/schools.

3. Periodically review the local policies and practices regarding academic advising in each of the student support areas.

4. Disseminate information on academic advising models that have been successfully employed on the campus.

5. Provide guidance to departments or student support areas that are seeking counsel on dealing with problems with academic advising.

6. Review campus-wide advising initiatives or proposals and make recommendations.

The committee will not prescribe advising policies or practices nor will it monitor the advising activities of any department or student support area. The committee will report its recommendations to the Provost/Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Membership of the committee shall consist of six faculty members, two academic staff members, and two students. Terms of service shall be for a maximum of three years. There shall be no more than two faculty members from any of the following academic units: the College of Business Administration, the college of Liberal Studies, the College of Science and Allied Health, and the Alliance of Education, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Social Work. The committee shall elect its chairperson.

    M/S/P to table until the fall semester. (voice vote)

IX. Old Business.

X. New Business.

Copies of the draft policy regarding Domestic Partnerships were distributed. Chancellor Kuipers has asked that the document be reviewed and comments forwarded to her by 5/15/98.

XI. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.