33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 10

January 28, 1999

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Betton, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, LeDocq, Majak, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Roskos, Snowberg, Stroud, P. Taylor, Vogt, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: VanVoorhis.

II.  Approval of Minutes.  M/S/P (18-0-3 by voice vote) to approve the minutes of the December 10, 1998, meeting of the Faculty Senate as distributed.

M/S/P (18-1-1 by voice vote) to reorder the agenda by renumbering Item VI. Proposed Revisions to the Faculty Senate Bylaws-- First Reading as Item IV of the agenda.

III.  Reports.

A.  Chancellor's Report.  Chancellor Kuipers informed the Senate about Dr. Howard Fuller's visit to this campus and the community, describing it as a "privilege" for faculty, staff, students, and community members who were able to interact with him.  She commented that Governor Thompson's recent State of the State Address made almost no mention of higher education.  At this time, therefore, it looks as though the UW System's "modest request" will not be fully funded.  However, the Allied Health DIN for UW-L has been included in Governor Thompson's budget proposal.  She also reported that she has been involved in discussions of enrollment management at UW System and will be soliciting input about enrollments on this campus.   At this time, she does not favor further increases in our enrollment.

B.  Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report.  Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Hastad announced that the enrollment figures for this semester indicate that we are slightly above our target enrollment.

C.  Chair's Report.  Chair Bange announced that the February11, meeting of the Senate will be devoted to a forum on department chairs, with topics for discussion including election, evaluation, compensation, duties and responsibilities, etc.  He observed that these matters are "entirely within our purview" because policies regarding department chairs are part of the Faculty Senate Bylaws (Sections VI H, VII, and VIII).   Also, there will be a month's delay for Senate consideration of the next draft of the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.  Therefore, the Senate meeting of February 25, has been cancelled and replaced with a new Senate meeting on March 4, when the draft is expected to be available, and that meeting will be devoted to its consideration.  He also noted that an informational meeting on Faculty Senate elections has been scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on February 4; members of the Senate Executive Committee will be available to answer questions from faculty interested in running for election to next year's Faculty Senate.

Chair Bange introduced Senator Linda Host, UW-L's representative to the UW System Compensation Advisory Committee.   Senator Host explained an "advance copy" of the Guidelines for Distribution of Unclassified Staff Compensation, noting that these guidelines could still be modified by the Board of Regents.   The Board is recommending an increase of 5.2% for each year of the biennium.   She highlighted Item (2), which emphasizes using up to one third of the pay raise to address compression.  It also indicated that any additional revenue, if available, will be used to address "market short fall by faculty rank, innovative, collaborative program delivery and exceptional performance in support of institutional goals."   If additional funds are not available, these concerns will be addressed in the 2001-2003 pay plan distribution guidelines.  She also noted that Items (6) on increases of salary minima and (8) on salary adjustments for promotion essentially have no impact on faculty compensation at UW-L.

Finally, Chair Bange called the Senate's attention to copies of a memo sent to Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Hastad, recommending that the Academic Program Review Committee take a one year hiatus from program reviews and use that year to review and revise its procedures.

IV.  Proposed Revisions to Faculty Senate Bylaws-- First Reading.  Dr. Keith Sherony, Chair of the Articles and Bylaws Committee, appeared before the Senate to answer questions about proposed revisions of the Bylaws.  The proposed revisions are appended to these minutes.   He clarified that the two seats on the General Education Committee which would no longer be filled with representatives from the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee would now be filled by the Committee on Faculty Committees.  There were no questions.  Chair Bange thanked Dr. Sherony and noted that the Senate will vote on these revisions at its next meeting.

V.  Approval of New Academic Programs.
        A.  Criminal Justice Minor (Interdisciplinary).
        B.  Piano Pedagogy Emphasis within Music Major.
        C.  Concentrations within Master of Science Degree in Biology.
                1.  Aquatic Science.
                2.  Cellular and Molecular Biology.
                3.  Clinical Microbiology.
                4.  Microbiology.
                5.  Nurse Anesthesia
                6.  Physiology

Department chairs were available to answer questions about the program proposals.   A few questions were raised about the Criminal Justice Minor.

M/S/P (20-0-1 by voice vote) to approve all three program proposals.

VI.  Proposal to Remove Within-category Credit Maximums in the General Education Program.  Chair Bange noted that this proposal came to the Senate from the General Education Committee and was therefore moved and seconded. He opened discussion by introducing Dr. Bob Bilby, Interim Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Studies, and Dr. Tom Gendreau, members of the General Education Committee, to respond to questions.  Dr. Bilby explained the background of the issue.  Discussion ensued on the following motion.

M/S to remove the within-category credit maximums in the General Education Program while maintaining the 48 credit General Education Program requirement, and to make this change retroactive to the Fall 1995 catalog.

M/S to amend the main motion by striking "while maintaining the 48 credit General Education Program requirement" and substituting "and eliminate the nine 'floating' credits so that the General Education Program requires a total of 39 credits, the minimums prescribed in each category."

A point of order was raised, asserting that the motion to amend was out of order because it substantively changed the main motion.  Chair Bange deferred the issue to the Senate as a whole.

M/S/P (13-7-1 by show of hands) to remove the motion to amend from the floor as it is out of order.

The Senate then returned its attention to the main motion on the floor.  After further discussion, the following vote was taken.

M/S/P (19-0-2 by show of hands) to remove the within-category credit maximums in the General Education Program while maintaining the 48 credit General Education Program requirement, and to make this change retroactive to the Fall 1995 catalog.

M/S to reduce the General Education Program to the 39 credits currently prescribed.

M/S/P (18-2-1 by show of hands) to table this motion.

M/S/F (7-10-4 by show of hands) to charge the Senate Executive Committee to check on the evaluation process being used for the General Education Program, determine when the evaluation report will be available, and report back to the Faculty Senate.

M/S/P (17-0-4 by show of hands) to charge the General Education Committee to investigate reducing the size of the General Education Program to the 39 prescribed credits by eliminating the 9 "floating" credits and provide a report to the Faculty Senate about their findings in time for the Faculty Senate to discuss the report at its last meeting of this academic year.

VII. Old Business.  There was no old business.

VIII. New Business.  There was no new business.

IX. Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by

Laura Nelson, Secretary