33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 16

April 8, 1999

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, LeDocq, Majak, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Roskos, Snowberg, Stroud, P.Taylor, VanVoorhis, Vogt, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Betton, Prucha.

II.  Approval of Minutes.  No minutes were available for consideration.

III.  Chair/Faculty Representative's Report.  Chair Bange announced that both Chancellor Kuipers and Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Hastad were at the Board of Regents meeting in Madison.  One highly controversial item on the agenda of that meeting is discussion of an optional retirement system, creation of which was mandated by a bill passed last year in the state legislature.  He also informed the Senate that the Student Association Senate has proposed a number of new "Action Steps" for Plan 2008, some of which involve curriculum matters that are the purview of the faculty.  The Student Association is pressing for inclusion of these "Action Steps" in the plan.  He assured the Senate that he would draft a letter to the Chancellor expressing the faculty's point of view on their proposed "Action Steps." Bange noted that he had attended a meeting with state legislators Mark Meyer, Mike Huebsch, and Brian Rude on Monday April 5, and his impression was that UW-L's administration and Joint Legislative Affairs Committee has done an excellent job of acquainting them with UW-L's needs.  Indications are that the 5.2% increase in faculty salaries will be supported in the legislature, but there is still uncertainty about how much will be funded by the state and how much will be funded by a tuition increase.    Faculty and administration are not recommending that students be asked to fund more than one third of the cost.   Finally, Bange urged that faculty meet with or communicate with legislators in support of the proposed DIN to support university libraries.   He briefly fielded questions from senators.

IV.  Second reading of a proposed revision in Faculty Personnel Rule 3.04.  There was no discussion of this agenda item.

M/S/P (19-0-1 by show of hands) that the Faculty Senate adopts the following language in Faculty Personnel Rule 3.04:

UWL 3.04 Probationary appointments

(1) Probationary appointments may be for one year or for other stated periods, subject to renewal.  The total period of full-time service prior to the awarding of tenure shall not exceed seven years.  Full-time service with the rank of instructor or higher in other institutions of higher learning and/or full-time service with an instructional staff appointment (or equivalent) at UW-La Crosse or other institutions of higher learning may be counted as part of the probationary period.  The length of the probationary period shall be stated by the chancellor in writing at the time of initial appointment.

V.  Recommendations from the Joint Budget Committee concerning the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.  Dr. Ken Winter, Chair of the Joint Budget Committee, made a presentation explaining the difficulties that had resulted in the committee making few recommendations: only three permanent funding recommendations were made, for IT salaries, a position in Allied Health, and additional monies to support faculty research.  The committee recommended only one or two year funding for remaining programs.

Dr. Terry Beck of the English Department informed the Senate about the First Year Student Seminars and the need for funding to support development of this course.   Both Winter and Beck responded to questions, which were primarily focused on the First Year Student Seminars.  The Joint Budget Committee recommendations were as follows:
1) $36,000 in permanent base-dollars to complete the prior commitment for the Allied Health position.
2) Support for Information Technology
    a) Permanent base-dollar funding of $30,000 for staff salaries.
    b) One year funding of $25,158 for staff development.
3) Library
    a) Permanent base-dollar funding of $3,400 for M and J terms.
    b) One year funding of $40,000 for Library CIS
4) Funding for University Grants and Research
    a) $41,716 in permanent base-dollar funding
    b) Provost and unit heads should provide additional funding.  An important source would be research grant overhead accounts
5) One year funding of $12,500 for the Academic Discovery lab.
6) One year funding of $5,000 to support continued faculty development of the First Year Student Seminar.
7) Plan 208
    a) One year funding of $65,000 for Educational Quality through Diversity program.
    b) Two year funding of $34,842 for Academic Success Institute.
    c) The Chancellor task the unit heads receiving Instruction Technology, Library, International Education DINs to work with Minority Affairs Office to look for opportunities to meet some of the Plan 2008 goals with these sources of DIN funding.

M/S/P (16-1-3 by show of hands) that the Faculty Senate withholds endorsement of Item 6 in the Joint Budget Committee Recommendations.
After further discussion, the Senate took the following actions.
M/S/P (19-0-1 by voice vote) that the Faculty Senate recommends that Item #8 from the previous draft of April 6 be returned to the list of items in the Joint Budget Committee Recommendations. Item #8 stated the balance of funds available (currently none) should be allocated on a one-time basis to the Provost's Council to fund the most pressing instructional need(s) at UWL.

M/S/P (19-0-1 by voice vote) that the Faculty Senate endorses Items 1-5, 7, and 8 of the Joint Budget Committee Recommendations.

M/S/P (unanimous by voice vote) that the Faculty Senate commends Dr. Ken Winter and the Joint Budget Committee for their good work on the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.

VI.  Proposal to rename the Alliance of Human Development Programs.  There was little discussion of this agenda item, although Senator Haupert made a brief case for renaming it as the College of H.A.U.P.E.R.T.  His motion failed for lack of a second.

M/S/P (17-0-3 by voice vote) that the Faculty Senate endorses renaming the Alliance of Human Development Programs as the College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Teacher Education.

VII.  Proposed Minor in Military Science.  Chair Bange discussed the controversy over the procedure to be used in approving new programs and noted that this proposal has not yet been reviewed by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC).  He stated that if the Senate were to approve this program, it would then be sent to UCC for review of LX forms and would not be returned to the Senate.   He also pointed out that the Student Association Senate had passed a motion asking that the Faculty Senate delay its consideration of this program.  Copies of their motion had been distributed to senators.  LTC Craig Goetzke of the R.O.T.C. gave an informational presentation about the program, in which he reviewed the history of its development.  He noted that the program proposal was approved by the College of Liberal Studies Core Curriculum Committee prior to its being forwarded to the Senate.   After LTC Goetzke responded to questions, discussion focused on the requested delay.

M/S/F (8-10-1 by show of hands) that the Faculty Senate delay consideration of the proposed Minor in Military Science until the April 29 Faculty Senate Meeting.

This was followed by further discussion of the program.

M/S/P (15-0-4 by show of hands) that the Faculty Senate approves the Minor in Military Science.

Old Business and New Business.  None

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at approximately 4:20 p. m.

Laura L. Nelson, Secretary