33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 19

May 6, 1999

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Betton, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, R. LeDocq, Majak, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Roskos, Snowberg, P.Taylor, VanVoorhis, Vogt, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Haupert, Stroud.

II.  Approval of Minutes.   Minutes for the April 29, 1999, meeting were approved with one correction: Senator Krajewski was excused rather than present.

III.  Cookie Day.  Various kinds of excellent cookies prepared by Faculty Senators were passed around for everyone's enjoyment.   All the contributors were thanked by their fellow Faculty Senators.

IV.  Reports.

A.  Chancellor's Report.   Chancellor Kuipers was in Madison but asked that Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Hastad convey her compliments and thanks to the Faculty Senate for its work during the 1998-1999 academic year.

B.  Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report.  Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor also conveyed compliments and thanks to the Faculty Senate for its work during the 1998-1999 academic year.

C.  Chair/Faculty Representative's Report.   Chair Bange thanked all Faculty Senators for their contributions during the 1998-1999 academic year.   He gave special recognition to Senator Willey for her years of outstanding service to faculty governance in specific and UW-L in general, as she is taking a one year leave of absence from UW-L and does not plan to return after relocating with her family in Georgia.

Bange announced that he had received the first draft of "Principles for Pricing of Web Based Courses" from UW System for UW-L's review and reaction.   Students taking web-based courses from off campus are entitled to use all campus resources.  He stressed that this is an issue needing prompt attention.

Positively worded motions endorsing the 5.2% pay plan have been passed by two other campuses.  The Madison Initiative will be part of the budget plan; UW-Madison salaries will be supplemented using interest income generated by endowments.  System Vice President David Ward and others are working to insure that the Madison Initiative does not have a negative impact on salaries for the rest of the faculty in the UW System.  Bange speculated that Madison faculty might be willing to trade support of collective bargaining, to which they have been consistently opposed, for support of the Madison Initiative from the rest of the system faculty.

The Optional Retirement System may open up some new opportunities for state employees to place a portion of their retirement contributions into private investment funds.  Currently the UW System Retirement Fund has a $2 billion surplus and is considering back crediting current employees from the present to time of hire at a higher multiplier rate of 1.8 or 2.0, then returning to the current 1.6 rate.

At Chair Bange's request, Senator Host, chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Recruitment and Hiring, reported on the progress being made by that committee.  Four meetings have generated "frank and open discussions" among the committee members, and now subcommittees will work on specific parts of the process.  The committee is also attempting to develop policies and principles to guide various aspects of recruitment and hiring.   The committee's report will be ready for consideration and debate by the Faculty Senate early in Fall Semester of 1999.

V.  Approval of List of Graduates for Spring 1999.

M/S/P (unanimous by voice vote) to approve the list of graduates for Spring 1999 subject to their fulfillment of all requirements for their respective degrees.

VI.  Report from the General Education Committee. Bob Bilby, chair of the General Education Committee, joined the Faculty Senate to present the report.  He pointed out that other members of the committee were present to respond to questions as well.  He explained the process by which the committee arrived at its recommendation.  Chair Bange opened the floor for questions and discussion.  He noted that, although motions in support of the status quo are usually pointless, in this case such a motion would be in order, as the issue of number of credits has been highly controversial.  After the motion below was moved and seconded, discussion focused on the lack of upper division courses in the program and on the percentage of the total number of credits needed for graduation comprised by the General Education Program.  Concern was expressed about focusing attention on the number of credits in the program rather than on the quality of the program.  Senator Roskos requested a roll call vote.

M/S/P (by roll call vote) that the Faculty Senate endorses the report from the General Education Committee and recommends that the number of credits required in the General Education Program remain at 48.

In favor: Betton, Duquette, Grant, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, R. LeDocq, Majak, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Snowberg, VanVoorhis, Vogt.

Opposed: Egle, Roskos, P. Taylor, Willey, Wingate.

Abstaining: Bange.

VII.  Recommendation from the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS) on Admission Standards for 1999 and 2000.  Alan Bigel, Chair of CAPS, and Tim Lewis, Director of Admissions, joined the Faculty Senate.  Lewis summarized the proposed changes, which will result in more selective admission standards.  Discussion ensued.

M/S/P (by show of hands) to adopt the new admission requirements.

VIII.  Recommendation from CAPS on J and M Terms.  Bigel explained how CAPS' deliberations resulted in their recommendation.  After discussion the following motion was considered.

M/S/P (by show of hands) that an n-credit January or May Term course must meet on  n  different weeks for a minimum of 4 days per week.  This policy is to take effect in calendar year 2000.  Any appeals to this policy must be directed to the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS) or an appropriate committee designated by the Faculty Senate.

Related discussion concerning the number of credits students are allowed to take in a given interim term followed.  It was noted that, although we limit numbers of credits in a full time load for fall, spring, and summer semesters, we have not limited the number of credits students are allowed to take in the interim terms.

M/S/P (by show of hands) that students are limited to taking one credit per week in January and May interim terms.

IX.  Audit and Review Reports on the Department of Economics and the Department of Computer Science.  Each report was discussed prior to voting on the following motions.

M/S/P (by voice vote) to receive the Audit and Review Report on the Department of Economics.

M/S/P (by voice vote) to receive the Audit and Review Report on the Department of Computer Science.

X.  Recommendation from Promotion, Tenure, and Salary Adjustment Committee (PTS Committee) on Salary Compression.  Wahhab Khandker, Chair of the committee, and John Tillman, Office of Institutional Research, joined the Faculty Senate to explain the PTS Committee's proposed plan to alleviate salary compression.   Khandker noted that the committee had met weekly for two months in working on their recommendation and thanked Tillman for his significant contribution to the effort.  It was noted that this is a difficult issue and that no help is likely to be forthcoming from sources external to UW-L.  After Khandker and Tillman explained the rationale for the proposed plan, Chair Bange said he did not feel that action on the proposal would be appropriate at this time.   He suggested that Faculty Senators should ask questions, that the proposal should be disseminated to the faculty at large, and that debate on the proposal be deferred until next year, for application to salaries the following year, 2000-2001.  He then opened the floor for questions.  After discussion, the following motions were considered.

M/S to adopt the recommended plan from the PTS Committee.

M/S/F (by show of hands) to table the motion on the floor.

M/S/P (by roll call vote) to adopt the recommended plan from the PTS Committee.

In favor:  Betton, Duquette, Grant, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, R. LeDocq, Majak, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Roskos, Snowberg, P. Taylor, VanVoorhis, Vogt, Willey, Wingate.

Abstaining: Bange, Egle, L. Nelson.

XI. Old Business.  There was no old business.

XII. New Business.  There was no new business.

XIII. Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Laura L. Nelson, Secretary