33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 7

November 19, 1998

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Betton, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, LeDocq, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Reithel, Roskos, Snowberg, Stroud, P. Taylor, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Majak, VanVoorhis.

II. Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the November 12, 1998, meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Reports.

A.  Chancellor's Report. Chancellor Kuipers reported that 74 community leaders attended the most recent Chancellor's Community Advisory Council meeting to discuss the biennial budget planning process.    Community support for UW-L's budget request was expressed and will also be communicated to the state legislature.  The Search and Screen Committee for the Provost/Vice Chancellor met for the first time this morning. Chancellor Kuipers attended the meeting briefly to give the committee members their official charge. The chancellor noted that she anticipates recommendations from all of the governance groups on the per credit tuition issue.  Finally, she thanked Dr. Leo Lambert for his service to UW-L over the last four and one half years and asked the Senate to recognize his contributions with a round of applause.

B.  Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report.  There was no report from the Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor.

C.  Chair's Report. Chair Bange noted that he would try to limit the discussion of biennial budget items to roughly 45 minutes so that an equal amount of time would be available for discussion of per credit tuition.  He announced that at the Faculty Senate meeting of December 3, senators would have the proposed program for a  B. S. in Athletic Training to consider.  He recognized Senator Betton, who reported on the University Bookstore Committee.  This committee is investigating what services should be provided by this facility in the future and will be sending out a questionnaire to gather information from the campus community.    Senator Betton asked that the chancellor send a letter to the committee to stress the symbolic value of the bookstore as a representation of the academic aspect of the university, with a related request that the bookstore be a vendor for books exclusively.   The chancellor replied that, at this time, she supports the committee's process and its exploration of options.  Finally, Chair Bange informed the Senate that he had received a second student request that the Senate consider the Chancellor's recent decision on the hazing incident.  He stressed that he and the Senate Executive Committee do not believe that this is an appropriate matter for Senate consideration, but it still would be possible for a group of senators to petition that this item be placed on a future Senate agenda.

M/S/F (5-11-2 by show of hands) that the orders of the day be changed so that item VI.  Per Credit Tuition become item IV.

IV. Catalog Language on Credit By Exam Policy.

Chair Bange briefly discussed the background of the current catalog language.

M/S/P (18-0-2 by voice vote) that the catalog language be changed as follows.

3. Departmental Credit by Exam
Each department will have on file an examination for each course the department determines to be introductory, including courses applicable to the Skills Component of the General Education Program (see pp. 60-61).  Each department will also have procedures in place for granting credit for all other lower division courses that they offer.

V.  Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.

A. Request from the Research and Grants Committee.  Senator Dan Duquette, current chair of the Research and Grants Committee, made a brief statement explaining the need for the additional $50,000 of funding.

Discussion followed.

M/S that the Research and Grants budget initiative be the number one priority under University Wide Initiatives.

M/S that the previous motion be amended by striking "number one priority" and inserting "given high priority in the."

There was no action on the motion to amend or the main motion because the main motion was withdrawn by its mover and seconder, to enable discussion of the other two budget initiatives on today's agenda prior to the Senate's taking any action on any of these requests.

B.  Request from the Honors Program.  Chair Bange stressed that this is to be a discussion of the budget request rather than of the proposed program itself, which will be an item on a Senate agenda for Semester II.    Dean John Magerus, a member of the committee working to revise the Honors Program, explained that, to be a strong presence on campus, the Honors Program will need "space"--a physical location--and  "face"--a person whose primary responsibility is to represent and manage the program.  In discussion, senators observed that it would be procedurally inappropriate to fund a program before the requisite authorities on campus have approved it.

M/S/P (16-2-1 by show of hands) to recommend that funding be withheld until we complete the debate on the program proposal.

C.  Request for First Year Seminars.  In initial discussion of this request, senators noted that although this program has been piloted, it has not gone through the full approval process necessary to make it formally a part of the university's curriculum.  Dr. Mick Miyamoto and Dr. Cecilia Manrique offered to answer questions about the project.  They stressed that this request is to expand the pilot rather than to institute the program as a whole.  Concern was expressed about assessment of program effectiveness.  In response to a question concerning whether this was an on-going expense or a one time funding request, Dr. Leo Lambert explained that faculty involved in the program intend to take it through the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee this year to obtain formal approval and a university wide prefix for the course.  He also noted that UW-L is likely to receive funds from an advising DIN that could be used for funding this project.

M/S/P (17-2-1 by show of hands) to recommend that funding for the First Year Seminar, EFN 290, not be increased for FY 1999-00, and further, that the trial offering of this course be evaluated and the evaluation be submitted to the appropriate faculty governance bodies for approval.

M/S/P (16-2-2 by show of hands) that the Research and Grants request be given highest priority in the University Wide Initiatives.

M/S/P (19-0-1 by show of hands) to recommend that the UW-L Foundation contribute an additional $20,000 for research grants to faculty who would than be identified by the Research and Grants Committee as UW-L Foundation Scholars.

VI.  Per Credit Tuition.

Chair Bange opened the floor for discussion of this issue, pursuant to the Senate's making a recommendation to Chancellor Kuipers concerning it.   He recognized Matt Greenberg, President of the UW-L Student Association, who read the Student Association's resolution to recommend that UW-L not adopt per credit tuition and then explained the students' rationale for their decision.   He also recognized Dr. John Tillman, Institutional Research Officer, who presented data relevant to the discussion.    After vigorous debate, the following action was taken.

M/S/F (1-14-3 by show of hands) that the Faculty Senate supports per credit tuition.

VII. Old Business.  There was no old business.

VIII.  New Business.  There was no new business.

IX.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura L. Nelson, Secretary