35th Faculty Senate

Vol. 35, No. 10

April 5, 2001

I. Roll Call.
Present:  Bange, Barmore, Barnd, Brooks, Claflin, Cravins, Gendreau, Heim, Hench, Hollenback. S. Kelly, R. LeDocq, Majak, Marx, Monte, Odulana, Senger, Stroud, R. Sullivan, Tyser, Van Voorhis, Zellmer.
Excused:  Doering.

II. Approval of Minutes.
The minutes of the March 22, 2001, meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Reports.
Chancellor Hastad and Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Rada are both attending a Board of Regents meeting in Madison today.

Chair Bange attended a Faculty Representative's meeting last week where he learned that the budget process is a long way from being complete.  UW-System personnel are working with Governor McCallum's staff to redraft the budget proposal.  McCallum claims he didn't know what was in the budget since it was submitted by the former Governor, Tommy Thompson.  System personnel are arguing that the university is involved in "development" unlike other State institutions such as prisons.  It will be May before salary issues are discussed by the Joint Committee on Finance.

The faculty representatives also met by telephone conference with Regent Jose Olivieri to discuss the use of digital technology in the curriculum.  Regent Olivieri is a big proponent of digital technology.  He believes that campuses should be working towards integrating digital technology into its curriculum, and that it would be advantageous if the entire UW-S could be on the same system.  The cost of such technology was not discussed.

Chair Bange distributed copies of the Instructional & Research Academic Staff Working Group Report.  The working group, Chaired by Dr. Charles Schelin, UW-Superior, was charged to investigate and recommend titling options for non-tenure track instructional and research staff, and to propose initiatives to facilitate the integration of IRAS into institutional life.  The key item in the report that is stirring up controversy around System is the issue of retitling.  Several campuses including Madison, Milwaukee and Stevens Point are leading the opposition along with TAUWP who states the titling changes will blur the differences between faculty and academic staff.  Proponents are arguing that we need better titles than just lecturer.  We have been asked to report back to System through our Provost.  This item will be on the agenda in two weeks.

IV. Appointments to the Search & Screen Committee for the Provost/Vice-Chancellor.

M/S that the following faculty be appointed to the Search & Screen Committee for the Provost/Vice-Chancellor:

Michael Haupert - Economics
Betsy Morgan - Psychology
S.N. Rajagopal - Microbiology
Bruce Riley - Mathematics
Dean Stroud - Foreign Languages
Following a brief discussion regarding the nominating process, the following amendment was offered.

M/S/F to replace Mike Haupert with Mandy Anderson.  (voice vote)

The main motion was approved.  (voice vote)

V. Appointments to the Search & Screen Committee for the Assistant Chancellor for Development, Fund Raising, and Advancement.

M/S/P to approve the following Senate Executive Committee nominees to serve on the search and screen committee for the Assistant Chancellor for Development, Fund Raising, and Advancement.  (voice vote)

Joseph Heim - Political Science/Public Administration
Richard Pein - Exercise & Sport Science
Patricia Wilder - Physical Therapy
VI. Membership By-laws for the General Education Committee - Second Reading.
Membership of the committee shall include eight faculty, none of whom shall have any designated administrative responsibility, and one student appointed annually by the Student Association.  Consecutive appointments may be allowed for up to five years.  Membership shall include at least one representative from each of the following academic units: the College of Liberal Studies, the College of Science and Allied Health, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Teacher Education.  One alternate shall be provided for each appointed member, and so far as possible, representation of appointed members and alternates shall be rotated with respect to departments and schools.  In addition, the Director of the General Education Program shall be a member of the committee and shall serve as the chair and convener of the committee.  The provost/vice chancellor, the registrar, and the academic deans shall serve as administrative consultants to the committee.

Chair Bange informed the senate that since the last meeting he has received emails from Emily Johnson (Director of the General Education Program), Bill Cerbin (past Chair of the General Education Committee), and Mary Hampton (Chair of the General Education Committee) saying they would prefer the current system of appointing faculty members to 3-year terms.   Dr. Johnson has asked that we withdraw last week’s action to allow for consecutive appointments for up to five years.

M/S/F to rescind the senate action of 3-22-01 that allowed for consecutive appointments for up to five years.  (show of hands: 10-yes, 11-no, 1-abstain)

The second reading of the membership paragraph of the General Education Committee was approved.  (show of hands:  20-yes, 0-no, 2-abstain)
VII. Resolutions Regarding the soon-to-be-built International Living and Learning Center.

Dr. Kenneth Maly, representing the UWL Environmental Council joined the Faculty Senate.  He presented the following resolutions which were approved by the Council the previous evening:

a) Support a recommendation from UW-River Falls to the Board of Regents (meeting in River Falls May 10/11)  “that the State Building Commission change the wording of the planning guidelines to include sustainability-based language.”
b) To request of the UW-L Chancellor, the UW System Administration, the UW Board of Regents, the Division of Facilities Development, and the State Building Committee "that UW-L continue and intensify efforts to maximize green building practices in all construction on campus."

c) To request "that UW-L recognize (i) the present parking 'congestion' cannot be solved simply by creating additional parking spaces (which would most likely increase parking fees significantly) and (ii) environmental considerations require reduced parking rather than more (leading to fewer cars, less emissions, environmentally and socially a friendlier city); that the UW-L community work to create viable and practical alternatives to campus parking; and that consideration be given to the following options:

i. enhance use of MTU--UPASS extended to faculty
ii. build up and make more efficient ride share boards (including on-line)
iii. create efficient bus-Amtrak connection
iv. encourage more traveling on foot
v. encourage more biking, by increasing parking facilities for bikes and by expanding the community bike program
vi. except for special needs, not issue parking permits to those living within a specified distance from campus (e.g. ten blocks)
vii. except for special needs, not issue parking permits to incoming first-year students."
Dr. Maly informed the Senate that after the last meeting, Assistant Chancellor Lebiecki notified him that there are no new building projects in the next biennium, therefore the International Living and Learning Center, with the proposed parking ramp, is not in the budget.  He explained that the first motion is to encourage the use of "sustainability-based" language; the second motion is to enhance policies as we go forward; and the third motion is to advocate reducing parking needs rather than building parking spaces.

Maly also reported that a blue ribbon parking consultant report is due in May 2001.   Scott Rhode from UW-L sits on the panel.  It is unclear how these resolutions will mesh with the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon committee.  Consultants have not focused on reducing parking needs.

M/S to support recommendation a).

M/S/P to table the motion.  (show of hands: 17-yes, 3-no, 2-abstain)

M/S to support recommendation b).

M/S/P to amend "that UWL be allowed to continue and intensity efforts…"  (voice vote)

Recommendation b) as amended PASSED.  (voice vote)

M/S to accept Recommendation c).

M/S to amend by excluding vii.

M/S/F to table the whole motion.  (show of hands: 8-yes, 10-no, 4-abstain)

The motion to amend by excluding vii. FAILED.  (5-yes, 16-no, 2-abstain)

M/S/P to amend by adding item viii. That usage fees be considered for parking lots. (voice vote)

Main motion as amended PASSED (show of hands: 16-yes, 3-no, 3-abstain)

VIII. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Submitted by
Thomas O. Claflin, Secretary