36th Faculty Senate

Vol. 36, No. 12

May 2, 2002

I. Roll Call.
Present:  Barmore, Barnd, Bigel, Cravins, Gibson, Heim, Hench, Hoar, Hollenback, Kelly, Krajewski, Monte , Senger, Sullivan, Taylor, Tyser, Vandenberg-Daves, Weaver, Wingate, Zellmer
Excused: Brooks, Wilson

II. Approval of Minutes.
The minutes of the April 18, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Reports.

A.  Chair’s Report.  Chair Heim thanked the many people who have worked with him this past year as Senate Chair, stating it has been a pleasure to serve with members of the Senate Executive Committee, other governance groups on campus, and administrators, especially Interim Provost/Vice-Chancellor Rada.  He expressed gratitude to the committee chairs, some of who had particularly challenging and time-consuming tasks this past year.  He thanked Patricia Anderson in the Chancellor’s office for her counsel and Sibbie in the Faculty Senate office for her work as the heart and soul of the Senate.  Lastly, he stated that it has been a privilege to represent UW-La Crosse, at the System level, where he has gained a renewed respect and appreciation for faculty governance.

Heim reviewed Aaron Monte proposal – transcript modification – deserves discussion either on Senate floor or back to CAPS.  Billy Clow asked for summer months to complete work on the strategic-planning document .  Chancellor approved the MS in PA, Graduate Studies reporting line, and the new admission guidelines.

B.  Chancellor’s Report.  The Chancellor and the Interim Provost/Vice-Chancellor were not present.

C.  UW-L Student Association President, Adam Mueller, thanked the Faculty Senate for the cooperation he has received this year.  He reported that at the most recent Student Senate meeting the living wage proposal to increase student wages to $6.50/hr was discussed, and the Diversity Certification Training proposal was approved.

IV. Approval of the List of Spring 2002 Graduates.

M/S/P to approve the list of Spring 2002 graduates contingent upon the successful completion of the requirements for their respective degrees.  (voice vote)

V. Committee on Faculty Committees Report.
Jess Hollenback, Chair of the committee, reported that “with one exception, everyone who listed at least three committee preferences got an assignment.  However, some who listed only one or two committee preferences were not always placed since some committees had a lot more people interested in serving on them than there were vacancies available.”  He stressed that the committee did strive to be fair and impartial in making committee assignments while also seeking balance and continuity accommodating as many people’s preferences as possible.

Following a couple of last minute corrections, the list of committee assignments was approved.

MSP to approve (show of hands – 1 abstention)

VI. Proposed Information Systems Minor.
Ray Schoen, Chair of two of the committees reviewing the proposal, and Kuang-Wei Wen, Chair of the Information Systems Department joined the Senate.  Schoen reported that the Academic Planning Committee found the proposal to be nicely detailed and carefully worded, and that the committee voted unanimously to send the proposal forward.  Dr. Wen answered questions regarding the proposal, which supports the State of Wisconsin’s high tech initiatives.

MSP to approve (show of hands:  unanimous)

VII. Articles & Bylaws Committee Report.
Cynthia Berlin and Tom Hench presented the Articles & By-laws Committee recommendation that UW-La Crosse not institute a formal process of faculty evaluations of administrators.  Instead, the committee strongly encourages any steps that can be taken to continue to build strong relationships and effective partnerships among faculty and administration throughout UW-L.  This decision was reached after studying the literature on the topic and questioning other universities in the system.

The rationale:

1. The Committee is not aware of any problem that would presume the need for such an evaluation process.
2. Given the strategic plan of the University to excel, existing procedures are sufficient and any additional evaluation of administrators is not necessary.
3. In order to facilitate the committee’s deliberation, a survey on faculty evaluation of administrators was done of other UW System campuses.  An email request for information on whether or not the campus has an evaluation system, and if so, how the system functions was sent to all Senate Chairs.  Only five replied.  Two had no system in place.  Of the three responses indicating their campus has an evaluation system, one provided no opinion of the evaluation process, one volunteered that the “process has not been without controversy”, and one indicated very strongly that the process was detrimental and hostile.
4. As indicated by the responses to the email survey and literature, performance evaluations rarely foster positive working relationships.  They are not done in real time, are summative instead of formative, and have no real merit.

M/S/F to accept the recommendation to not evaluate administrators.  (show of hands: 5-yes, 12-no, 3-abstentions)  The Senate felt it was worth revisiting this issue.

VIII. Audit/Review Reports from the Academic Program Review Committee.
Carol McCoy, Chair of the Academic Program Review Committee recapped the recently revised audit/review process, which now includes input from an external review source.

A. Biology – Chair of the Biology Department, Mark Sandheinrich joined the Senate to address any questions/concerns the senate might raise.

M/S/P to endorse the report (unanimous show of hands)
B. Microbiology – Chair of the Microbiology Department, Mike Winfrey joined the Senate to address any questions/concerns the senate might raise.  (It was noted that page 13 of the report is missing.  Sibbie will secure a copy of the page for the files. )
M/S/P to endorse the report (unanimous show of hands)
C. Modern Languages – Chair of the Modern Languages Department, Don Socha joined the Senate to address any questions/concerns the senate might raise.
M/S/P to endorse the report (unanimous show of hands)
D. Exercise & Sport Science – Chair of the Exercise & Sport Science Department, Pat DiRocco joined the Senate to address any questions/concerns the senate might raise.  The only concern expressed was for a need to set up a way to do formal assessment for the programs.
M/S/P to endorse the reports for Undergraduate Fitness, Sport Management, Human Performance (graduate program), Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation (graduate program).  (unanimous show of hands)
Chair Heim commended the committee for guiding departments through the self-study process, coordinating the reports, and for providing the Faculty Senate with a thorough evaluation of the committee’s conclusions and recommendations.

IX. Graduate Faculty Policy.
In response to a committee charge, Interim Director of Graduate Studies, Dan Duquette, brought a proposal forward, but could not be at the senate meeting.  Dr. Duquette presented the proposal to the Senate Executive, however the proposal comes without recommendation from SEC.  The Senate discussed the recommendations.

M/S to approve.

M/S/P to amend by including an updated vita every five years along with the form. (show of hands: 15-yes , 1-no, 2-abstain)

M/S/P to table.  (show of hands: 13-yes, 3-no, 2-abstentions)

Chair Heim asked for a sense of Senate, which indicated approval of the proposal.

X. Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
Chair of the Academic Planning Committee, Ray Schoen, along with members of the Physical Therapy Department, Gwen Straker—Chair, and Kim Harbst joined the Senate to discuss the proposal to offer a collaborative DPT supported by UW-La Crosse, Madison, and Milwaukee.  The proposal before the senate is to seek permission for the college and the program to investigate in detail the possibilities of a cooperative program.

Karen Mc-Lean representing the College of Science & Allied Health, reported that UW System has one Entitlement to Plan a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is urging the three institutions to develop a cooperative program.  UW-L is simply asking for permission to “sit at the table with the groups from Madison and Milwaukee.”

Schoen indicated that the Academic Planning Committee is concerned that external agencies are mandating graduate degrees.  Mc-Lean pointed out the difference between a clinical doctorate and a PhD.  Questions were raised on how this would fit in the mission goal for UW-La Crosse.  There were also concerns regarding resource issues.  Q: What is driving all these clinical programs into PhDs?  Mc-Lean pointed out that for many patients a Physical Therapist is the entry point into medical care system.  This gives the PT growing responsibility.  Mc-Lean also stated that the Dean of SAH strongly supports the program.

M/S/P that the faculty senate approve SAH/PT’s request to explore in detail the possibilities of a cooperative program with Madison and Milwaukee and of a joint DPT, with the stipulation that SAH/PT will submit the detailed proposal to APC and Faculty Senate for approval at the appropriate time.  (show of hands: 14-yes, 1-no, 1-no)

XI. Old Business.

XII. New Business.

M/S/P to approve the Senate Executive Committee’s recommendation that Joyce Shanks replace Carol Kirk on the search committee for the Dean of HPERTE.  (voice vote)

Let the record show that the Faculty Senate thanks Joe Heim for his outstanding leadership.

XIII. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.

Submitted by,

Susan Kelly, Secretary