36th Faculty Senate

Vol. 36, No. 3

October 4, 2001

I.  Roll Call.

Present:  Barmore, Barnd, Bigel, Brooks, Cravins, M. Gibson, Heim, Hench, R. Hoar, Hollenback, S. Kelly, S. Krajewski, Monte, Senger, R. Sullivan, P. Taylor, Tyser, Vandenberg-Daves, Vogt, Weaver, C. Wilson, Wingate, Zellmer.

Absent:  none.

II.  Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the September 20, 2001, meeting were approved with a correction made to the spelling of the name of the student senate liaison.

III.  Reports.

Chair’s Report.  Heim continued with his thoughts on faculty governance from the previous meeting asking the Senate if the Faculty Recruitment Document approved by this body, increases the power of the faculty, decreases the power of the faculty, or keeps it the same.  He bewails the continued erosion of faculty governance.

A summary of committee charges was distributed with a brief explanation of specific charges:

· Academic Program Review Committee – 1) Review 7 majors (or programs) in Biology, Foreign Languages, Music, Microbiology, ESS (Fitness Emphasis, Sports Mgmt, Grad/Human Performance, Grad/Adult Fitness).  2) Ensure that academic programs scheduled for review in 2002-03 are sufficiently informed of new policies and procedures so that they may complete required self-studies on schedule.  3) Add new majors/or programs to calendar for review.  4) Determine which academic support programs should be reviewed by APR and establish guidelines.

· Academic Planning Committee - 1) CLS proposed creation of Bachelor's of Liberal Studies.  2) Issue of reviewing new academic programs once they have rec'd Entitlement to Plan from UW-S.  Explore and make recommendations.   3) Review proposal for establishment of Institute for Environmental Studies.

· Academic Policies & Standards Committee - 1) Review policies re the transfer of credits from the State Technical Colleges for possible modification.  2) Review UWL policies concerning limiting the number of dropped courses for individual students and make recommendations you feel are appropriate.  3) Review Deans' roles in regard to Student Academic Eligibility and a clearer delineation of procedures involving student academic eligibility.  4) Review University admission policies, standards and/or procedures.

· Articles & By-laws Committee - 1) Complete by-law revision for Travel & Int'l Education Committee.  2) Discuss and make recommendations on the issue of evaluations or assessments of performance of university administrators (by faculty).  3) Should the Faculty Senate review the Athletic program(s) on campus, and if so, how?  4) In consultation with the Committee on Faculty Committee, you are welcome to consider the issue of committee membership size for any or all faculty committees.

· General Education Committee - 1) Review and possibly update goals of General Education Program.  2) Begin process of establishing a formal and broad assessment system for courses in the General Education program to ensure that objectives of general education are met.

· Graduate Council – 1) Complete action on last year's request for a review and recommendation in regards to procedures/process/criteria for conferring graduate faculty status.

· Library Committee - 1) Discuss UW Libraries Strategic Directions for 2001-03 document and assess actions to be taken specifically looking at issues related to scholarly communication.  2) Continue to look at security issues.  3) Continue to address possible revisions to library hours, focusing on finals week and hours for the extended study room.  4) Provide Articles & By-laws Committee with recommendation re what might be the most appropriate or ideal size of the Library Committee.  5) It has been suggested the he Library might improve its service and increase utilization by introducing limited access to food and/or beverage products within the Library structure.

· Promotion, Tenure & Salary Committee - 1) Review actions taken by the Senate and Administration over the past 6 years on the issue of salary compression between academic ranks and make any appropriate recommendations.  2) Discuss issue of linking tenure and faculty promotion to the rank of Assoc Prof with administration and any interested or appropriate individuals (both on and off campus) and make recommendations on the desirability/feasibility of establishing linkage.  3) In consultation with Joint Promotion Committee, review the faculty promotion process, identify any problems, and make recommendations.

· Travel & International Education Committee - 1) Work with Articles & By-laws to complete action on the by-laws that identify your duties and responsibilities.  2) Review policies concerning J- and M-Term courses that involve travel or study abroad and develop a systematic assessment process.  3) Review procedures for the evaluation of International Education programs on campus and consider establishing a regular schedule for periodic review.

· Undergraduate Curriculum Committee - 1) Complete committee charge from last year regarding the committee's recommendations related to your review of J- and M-Term issues and policies.  2) Consult with the Registrar and the PVC to determine if UCC action is warranted regarding the issue of approved processes for "credit certificate programs."

The faculty committees have a fairly big slate of charges with reports/recommendations expected to be filed during spring semester.  In every case, the charge letter indicated that if there’s something else a committee wants to investigate, they should do so.

· If you have any suggestions for future Faculty Senate agenda items, please let the SEC know.

· Note that the Chancellor’s Inaugural will be April 8-12, 2002.  The theme is celebrating excellence.

· Congratulations to Jess Hollenback and Sheldon Smith on outstanding presentations at the Monday Night Lecture Series.

· This year we will have a Strategic Planning Committee that will be made up in part by the University Planning and Budget Committee.  The SEC is concerned about balance of that committee. Last spring none of us knew that strategic planning would be on agenda.  Also with some people resigning from the committee, the make-up of the committee has changed.  To create a better balance in the committee, it will be expanded to include 3 more faculty members – most likely one from HPERTE and two from CLS.  A call has gone out for volunteers.  At this point, the current committee will continue to meet Wednesdays at 1:10 p.m.

· Kenna Christians was named the new assistant chancellor for advancement at UW-La Crosse.

· Heim reported that Betsy Morgan gave tentative ideas for a schedule for interviews for the Provost/Vice-Chancellor candidates.

· Future meetings:  In two weeks, the Senate will be taking up the John Marder, UW-Superior decision.  TAUWP handouts, web sites, and news clips concerning this case are available for review.

Faculty Representative's Report.   The academic staff titling issue will likely reappear.  One suggestion is each campus comes up with their own plan.  Ranking issue – majority of campuses continue to rank; Madison and Milwaukee faculty say there is no way they will discontinue this practice.  UW-System is looking for budget input – please let Joe Heim know.

Pay plan issue was approved as of yesterday morning.  JOCER approved by vote of 6-2.  Regents recommended 4.2% and 4.2%.  Approved is 3.2% in the first year -effective July 1st – likely that by mid-Dec will get make-up check.  Second year a 4.2 percent (2.1 July 1st, 2.1 percent Jan. 1) First year is 100% tuition funded (first time in history of university).  Heim said that this is about as good as we will get and encouraged Senators to send thank yous to governor and legislators.

Senator Barnd brought treats!

IV.  Approval of Academic Calendar for 2003-2004.

There was a discussion as to whether we could move the date grades are due for the Fall semester to give faculty more time to grade finals to help them out during the holidays.  Heim said he would check into this.

M/S to amend that grades due December 30th 2002-2003 and 2003-04.

M/S/P to table.  (show of hands:15 yes, 6-no, 2-abstain)

M/S/P to table entire document.  (show of hands: 14 yes, 7-no, 2-abstain)

V.  Search & Screen Committee Appointments for the Dean of the College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Teacher Education.

M/S/P to approve the following Senate Executive Committee nominees: (voice vote)

George Arimond
Dan Duquette (convener)
Carol Kirk
Carol Oyster
John Porcari
VI.  Search & Screen Committee Appointments for the Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration.

M/S/P to approve the following Senate Executive Committee nominees:  (voice vote)

Mary Tollefson
Glenn Knowles (convener)
Roger Reinsch
Gwen Achenreiner
Bob Carney
VII.  Discussion of Collective Bargaining.

The following two resolutions were presented for possible adoption:

Resolution #1
The faculty senate of the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse requests that the Senate and the Assembly of the State of Wisconsin enact legislation that will grant to the faculty and academic staff of the campuses of the University of Wisconsin System the right to engage in collective bargaining.

Resolution #2
Whereas all American citizens have the long-cherished and guaranteed right to contract, be it resolved, that the Faculty Senate of the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse requests that the Senate and the Assembly of the State of Wisconsin enact legislation to allow faculty within the University of Wisconsin System the right to vote for or against collective bargaining.

M/S resolution #2 with the following modifications:

The Faculty Senate of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse request that the Senate and the Assembly of the State of Wisconsin enact legislation to allow faculty and instructional academic staff within the University of Wisconsin System the right to vote for or against collective bargaining.

(Idea: must first vote for the right to vote for or against collective bargaining)

Discussion on whether or not Faculty Senate is appropriate body to be addressing this issue.  It seems like a petition process is more appropriate.  The Senate carries weight because we are symbolically important – 10 other campus Senates have supported it.  The petition method has been used in the past and the governor turned it down.

Heim asked for a sense of the Faculty Senate – how many reject resolution #1? - majority

Merits of unions were discussed. Felt it ill advised not to pursue this.  Others felt we are managers and the union is not appropriate.

Resolution #2 as modified PASSED.  (Show of hands:  17-yes 2-no, 4-abstain)

VIII.  Old Business.

IX.  New Business.

Senator Kelly reported that the Faculty Senate and the UW-La Crosse Student Senate will coordinate a campus fundraiser for the Red Cross (funds needed in the wake of the events of September 11).  The campus is also planning to have a tree/plaque as a memorial to the victims of the September 11th disaster.

X.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Submitted by
Susan Kelly, Secretary

Since all the senators were present and accounted for, Senator Kelly volunteered to bring treats to the next meeting.  Yippee!