36th Faculty Senate

Vol. 36, No. 4

October 18, 2001

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Barmore, Barnd, Bigel, Brooks, Cravins, M. Gibson, Heim, Hench, R. Hoar, Hollenback, S. Kelly, S. Krajewski, Monte, Senger, R. Sullivan, P. Taylor, Tyser, Vandenberg-Daves, Vogt, Weaver, C. Wilson, Wingate, Zellmer.

Absent: none.

II. Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the October 4, 2001, meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Reports.

A. Chair Heim asked for a moment of silence in memory of Dr. George Huppert, Chair of the Geography & Earth Science Department, who was killed this past weekend in an automobile accident.  George was a strong supporter of faculty governance having served 3 years on the Faculty Senate; chaired the Senate Elections Committee 1992-93; was an active member on several faculty committees throughout his career at UW-La Crosse, including Academic Program Review, Library - which he chaired in 1983-84, Joint Promotion Committee, Promotion Tenure & Salary, Research & Grants, Travel & International Education, and was currently a member of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Heim attended Oktoberfest at the Capitol celebration where he heard some startling news.  The legislature is getting warnings from the federal government that as a result of the September 11th events, State and local governments can expect a $400-500 billion dollar cut back in federal monies, as well as possible freezes in hiring.

Senator Tom Hench has been added as a consultant to the University Planning & Budget Committee as it undertakes the Strategic Planning process.

The Senate Executive Committee has been discussing strategic planning   The faculty on the Senate were asked if they would like to discuss their priorities for strategic planning early in the process.  The general sense was to take this up earlier rather than later.

Linda Host resigned from UWS Compensation Advisory Board – advises system on compensation issues.  A call will go out for a replacement – no term established.

Sue Kelly spoke about campus-wide fund-raiser for Sept 11th disaster relief.  Half of all money raised will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and half will go to the American Red Cross International Response Fund.   In addition the campus will be planting a tree (just south of Cowley on the Knoll north of Wittich) with a plaque commemorating the victims of the disaster.  All Senators are invited to help in the fund raising event.

Chancellor Hastad reported that the campus community is saddened over the death of our colleague, George Huppert.  He sends his sympathy to Senators Cravins and Wingate as well as the entire Geography/Earth Science Department.  He will keep us posted via e-mail re arrangements.

B. Hastad remarked that it has been an interesting few weeks in campus security.  He applauds the faculty who have given presentations on Monday evenings about the events related to the tragedies of September 11th.  The lecture series have been well attended and well received by students, faculty/staff, and community members.  All lectures are free and open to the public and are a perfect example of what we do best - educate.  He encouraged us to attend the remaining lectures, promising it will be time well spent.  Hastad thanked Susan Kelly, Adam Mueller, Terry Wirkus and others who have worked to organized the Red Cross fund drive.

University Honors was approved by the Chancellor as originally proposed with addition of bullets-1.The University Program should be university-wide-2.The University Honors Committee should engage in active outreach in attempts to include representatives from those colleges/departments presently under-represented on the Honors faculty.  This outreach effort should continue until those colleges/departments are appropriately represented on the Honors faculty – 3. There should be two student representatives on the University Honors Committee, one from Student Senate and one from the University Honors Program – 4. All “current’ University Honors Program faculty should be members of the Honors Program Committee.

The UWL Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Guidelines was also approved by the Chancellor.

C. Assistant Chancellor for Planning & Budget, Ron Lostetter – finishing up processing of pay plan – Dec 12th back pay.  Nov. raise will be paid with December check.

D. David Glisch, student liaison, addressed the EM21 plan to reduce student enrollment.  The Student Senate suggested reduction in enrollment/ grad reentry and undergrad reentry as well.  He also spoke of the student resolution on the Marder case, which supported the termination of John Marder’, former UW-Superior faculty member.  Their resolution also supported academic tenure as protection of academic freedom.

Adam Mueller, Student Association President, thanked Joe Heim for his cooperation.  He said that the Student Senate has been active.  In addition to many other initiatives, they have addressed the EM21 plan and had spent 3 weeks on Marder.

Jaclyn Skalecki, Graduate Student Association President, spoke briefly on the Marder case and background.  UW-Superior students came to students of other campuses – UWL felt important to consider the case because of seriousness of the allegations.  She stressed that this was not an attack on faculty or tenure.

IV.  Nominees to Sexual Harassment Hearing Register.

M/S/P the following Senate Executive Committee nominees to serve on the Sexual Harassment Hearing Register:  Sandra Krajewski, Charles Lee, Robert McGaff, Aaron Monte and Sara Sullivan.  (voice vote)
V.  Nominees to University Planning & Budget Committee.

M/S/P the following Senate Executive Committee nominees to serve on the expanded University Planning & Budget Committee:  Ronda Knox, Sandra Krajewski and Jeff Steffen (voice vote)

VI.  Approval of Academic Calendar 2003-04.

Diane Schumacher, University Registrar, distributed a handout containing proposed dates for semester I grade submissions.  This information was also presented to members of the Senate Executive Committee earlier in the week.  The new due dates are Dec. 29 (Calendar year 1), Dec. 27 (2), Dec 27 (3), Dec 28 (4), Dec 29 (5), Dec 30 (6), Dec 30 (7).  Ms. Schumacher reported that once grades are turned in, the Records Office needs two days to process the grade sheets.   A discussion of final exams and when grades are due followed.

M/S/P to accept the proposal as presented.  (voice vote)

Diane put the following conditions on the extensions: 1) Please follow the deadline; 2) the Records Office gets all the glory for this; 3) no more whining; and 4) let Debra Peterson of the Records Office know how much faculty appreciate the changes.

M/S/P remove the proposed calendar for academic year 2003-04 from table.  (voice vote)

M/S/P to approve the 2003-04 Academic Calendar, as amended.  (voice vote with some abstentions)

VII.  Discussion of the Marder Case.

The Senate could accept as informational or take some action.  Chair Heim had invited Dr. Charles Schelin from UW-Superior to speak to issue, but he declined the invitation.

· Senator Wingate thanked students for allowing him to sit with the Student Association last week.  He stated that two very capable administrators were hired from UW-La Crosse at UW-Superior.  The Marder case is now in legal court.  Wingate volunteered to answer any questions senators might have.
· Wilson asked how we could be sure this would not happen on this campus.
· Kelly said she applauds Chancellor Erlenbach for taking action on the issue.
· Hench said he is glad it is in court  and would like to see that due process takes place – not pit due process, tenure against sexual harassment.
· Wingate would hope that a hearing committee would look at all the evidence.
· Cravins felt the dismissal case is a catchall.
· Krajewski stated that UW-Superior had no clear sexual harassment policy or consensual relations policy.  They are working on it now.
· Hollenback concerned about rule that has been drafted for dismissal.  In particular he was bothered by the definition given for just cause for dismissal.
· Kelly – section 1 dismissal for cause “just cause exists where some deficiency has been demonstrated which can reasonably be said to have a tendency to impair an employee’s performance of the duties of his position or the efficiency of the group with which he works with” is too broad.

M/S/P to table.  (voice vote)

The senate agreed that the Senate Executive Committee should take up the discussion and draft an appropriate resolution to bring back to the Faculty Senate.

VIII.  Old Business.  None.

IX.   New Business.

Senator Cravins – reported on the University Planning and Budget Committee comprised of 12 faculty (voting members), academic staff and students representatives, and consultants. Process – going around in circles but very fruitful.  Climate for broad input.   The committee will offer three days of intensive listening in January - to hold discussion groups.  The whole idea is to make the process as broad and inclusive as possible.

X.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by
Susan Kelly, Secretary