Faculty Senate
Vol. 37, No. 3
September 26, 2002

I.          Roll Call.

Present:  Barnd, Beck, Brooks, Cravins, Dixon, Gendreau, Hoar, Hollenback, Kernozek, Krajewski, Majak, Nelson, Poulton, Ragan, Senger, Taylor, Vandenberg-Daves, Wingate, Zellmer.

Excused:  Bigel, Gibson, Shillinger, Tyser, Wilson.

II.            Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the September 12, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.

III.            Reports.

Chair’s Report.  A list of the special charges to faculty committees was distributed for informational purposes.  Chair Senger noted that, the SEC has asked the Articles & By-laws Committee to review committee sizes and see where possible to reduce the size of committees for assignment purposes, as well as scheduling purposes; the General Education Committee will present a plan for the evaluation of critical thinking and other components of the general education program; and, the Academic Planning Committee has been asked to clarify the committee’s role in the review and approval of program suspensions in relation to the existing rules and procedures for program termination.

The Strategic Planning document Building a New Community of Learning & Inquiry was distributed.  Senator Zellmer and Dr. Monte will make a presentation at the 10-10-02 meeting.  The SEC has received a request from Chancellor Hastad to nominate 4 faculty to serve on the Chancellor’s All-University Council.  A similar idea appears in the strategic planning document.  The SEC has several concerns with regard to this Council and wants to have a full faculty senate discussion on the issue.

Copies of the correspondence from Michael Nelson, Dean of the College of Science & Allied Health, regarding the status of the Medical Laboratory Science Program were distributed.  The College is currently exploring ways to restructure the program to a more cost-effective model.  Also, a copy of the PTS Committee report on activities for the 2001-02 academic year were distributed.  Chair Senger called attention to the last part of the document which contains discussions on the coordination of tenure and promotion decision, and a miscellaneous section on the next to last page talking about workload, perception of workload, etc.  The SEC will put together some of these issues, including J and M-term and summer session programs, to be discussed at a future faculty senate meeting.  Lastly, position papers on web site – encourage senators to read.

PVC Hitch continues to make her way around campus meeting with departments (3-5 weekly).  It is a valuable process as she becomes familiar with the larger campus community.  She is encouraged to see that the senate will be taking a look at promotion, tenure concerns.  The broader issue of course, is when do you evaluate people appropriately in their careers and who makes that decision.  She reported that faculty recruitment is moving right along with the group ads process, and she’s hoping departments are looking at ways to make it easy for people to apply.  Hitch also reported that she recently attended a meeting of the American Council on Education.  UW-La Crosse is one of six comprehensive campuses within the UW-System that was invited to attend – they are looking at us as an example of how to be successful.

Vice Chancellor Ron Lostetter met with a subcommittee appointed by the La Crosse City Council on the issue of parking.  The meeting occurred at City Hall and the discussion was related to the issue of non-access of on-street parking in front of homes in the university neighborhood.  It is clear that solutions will been to derive from this institution.  The university has limited spots available for new service parking, and is looking at opportunities to add more parking spaces on campus by laying-out parking lots differently, re-striping lots, etc.  There are no plans for a huge parking ramp/construction at this time.  He reported that the Student Association is also meeting to talk about parking issues.

UWL Faculty Representative, Georges Cravins met with two other faculty representatives in Madison, to talk about issues on teacher education.  The concern is to get faculty from around the State to deal with requirements such as certification, license, etc. and to discuss the relationship with UW-System to K-12.  Georges plans to work closely with Carol Kirk (who is heading up the NYCATE accreditation process) to get her feedback on the integrated thinking of Teacher Education.  Cravins will report his findings to the senate later.

IV.            Approval of SEC Nominees to Fill Temporary Vacancies on the Faculty Senate.

M/S/P to approve the nomination of, Terry Kelly (replacing Alan Bigel for the fall semester); Laura Nelson (replacing Carmen Wilson for the fall semester); and Frank Barmore (replacing Sarah Shillinger for the 2002-03 academic year) to the Faculty Senate.  (voice vote)

Newly elected Senators Barmore and Kelly took their seats with the senate.

V.            Approval of 2004-05 Academic Year Calendar.

M/S/P to approve the proposed academic year calendar for 2004-05.  (voice vote)

VI.        Music Theatre Emphasis.

Dr. Mary Leonard, from the Theatre Arts department, presented the proposed emphasis which integrates music, theatre and dance.  The proposal has been previously approved and forwarded to the Faculty Senate by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

M/S/P to approve the:

Theatre Arts Major-Music Theatre Emphasis (36 credits)
Music Minor – Music Theatre Emphasis (22 credits)
Music Major – Music Theatre Emphasis (37 credits)
Theatre Minor – Music Theatre Emphasis (22 credits)

It is the intent of the senate that these new subprograms are effective with the current (Fall 2002) semester.  (voice vote)

VII.       Draft Guidelines for Certificate Programs (tabled 9-12-02).

M/S/P to remove the document from table. (voice vote)

Chair Senger presented the following SEC drafted points of clarification and understanding:

Certificate Programs:  Points of Clarification and Understanding

1.  The first criterion for approval is that a proposed certificate program (credit or non-credit bearing) demonstrate academic value consistent with existing UW-L programs.

Rationale:  The existence of a paying audience is not sufficient reason to approve a certificate program.  With respect to non-credit bearing certificates we draw a distinction between individual courses offered through extension for the general interest of the community and collections of courses whose completion confers a certificate in an identified area of study.

2.  Certificate programs (credit or non-credit bearing) will be housed in academic departments.

Rationale:  Again, we distinguish general interest courses from certificates that require a higher level of oversight.  Academic departments are the appropriate units to provide this oversight.

3.  Proposed certificate programs that include credit-bearing coursework should have a minimum admission requirement equal to the general admissions requirements of the university.

Rationale:  It is assumed that there will be some overlap between courses required for a certificate and the coursework offered by departments as a part of degree programs.  It is important that students in certificate programs be of comparable academic preparation and ability to students in degree programs.

4.  Credit-bearing certificates that have received approval from appropriate department and college level committees and either UCC or GCC, will be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for approval.

5.  At the end of the two year pilot phase, the APC in consultation with the Provost and Deans will review the approval guidelines for credit and non-credit bearing certificate programs and will make recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding permanent procedures for approving credit and non-credit bearing certificate programs.

Discussion continued.  There are currently no credit bearing certificates available at UW-L.  The current non-credit bearing certificate programs include the following:  Gerontology, Supervisory Management Certificate, Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate.

There are, however, a number of certificate programs being developed on campus.  These programs include:  Holocaust and Genocide (CLS), Alternative/Complimentary Health Care (HPERTE), At-Risk Teacher Ed (HPERTE), Geographical Information Systems (SAH), Radiation Therapy Dosimetry (SAH).

Assistant to the Provost, Greg Wegner, stated that former Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Ron Rada, also recommends that "any certificate program must be compatible and consistent with the university's enrollment management plan."

SEC is proposing the 5 points rather than editing the document.

M/S/P Rada's recommendation "that any certificate program must be compatible and consistent with the university's enrollment management plan," as #6.  (voice vote)

The senate agreed to add the Academic Planning Committee to the list in #4, as a friendly amendment.  The senate also suggested rewording #3 to acknowledge different admission requirements for different catalogs.

M/S/P to approve the document Certificate Program: Points of Clarification and Understanding, as amended.  (unanimous show of hands)

VIII.  Graduate Faculty Policy.

M/S/P to remove the Graduate Faculty Policy from the table.  (voice vote)

At the 5-2-02 meeting, the faculty senate amended the document by including an updated vita every five years along with the form.  Dan Duquette, Interim Director of Graduate Studies, presented the proposed Graduate Faculty Policy, which attempts to clarify the five categories (Full, Associate, Assistant, Affiliate, and Provisional).  The application for graduate faculty status has also been modified.  The Graduate Council feels it is an easier process to follow for membership submission, while at the same time provides evidence of an ability to serve on the graduate faculty at UW-La Crosse.  The goal is to coordinate/align the application with other faculty decisions (tenure, promotion, post-tenure review).

M/S/P to approve (show of hands:  16-yes, 0-no, 4-abstain)

IX.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Submitted by
Bob Hoar, Secretary