Faculty Senate Bylaws


IV.       Curriculums shall consist of:


A.  A general education program which must be satisfactorily completed before the student may be graduated.


B.   Baccalaureate programs in the undergraduate college leading to degree.


  1. Programs in the graduate college in the areas authorized by the board of regents.


V.        Curriculum policies shall be as follows:


A. General Education


1.   All students who enroll in a curriculum leading to a baccalaureate degree at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse shall be required to enter the General Education Program.


2.   The content of the General Education Program shall be designed to help students understand themselves and the world in which they live by cultivating the knowledge, skills and dispositions essential for independent learning and thinking which should characterize university graduates. Although choices shall be provided to individual students, the program shall require all students to pursue a pattern of study which will minimize avoidance of any of the major areas of human experience.


3.   Students will be admitted to the colleges of their choice at the time of their admission to the University. Students in the General Education Program shall be advised in the college to which they have been admitted.


4.   The requirements in the General Education Program shall provide opportunity for all students to choose from several courses grouped within prescribed general areas.


5.   Each of the undergraduate colleges shall be obligated to accept credit for the requirements met in the General Education Program if studies conform to the prescribed pattern.


6.   The determination of the General Education Program described herein shall be accomplished in the following manner:


a.   The General Education Committee shall make recommendations to the Faculty Senate for changes in the program. No faculty action shall be taken concerning the program of study without preliminary study and recommendations by the committee.


b.   All recommendations of the committee to the Faculty Senate shall be preceded by careful studies which shall be designed to determine the feasibility of the recommendations with respect to availability of staff, facilities, and funds.


c.   All recommendations of the committee to the Faculty Senate shall be coordinated with the necessary core, professional and major and minor requirements within the undergraduate colleges of the University.