11-02-04           Motions from the General Education Committee to Faculty Senate



Provisional Approval of the Student Learning Outcomes. One of the major responsibilities of the General Education Committee as found in the Faculty Senate by-laws is assessment of student learning in the General Education Program.  Assessment efforts in the past have been compromised, in part, because the program lacked clear statements of expected learning outcomes.  The General Education Committee has now developed learning outcomes based roughly on the goals of the current program and as found in the current Catalog.


Therefore the General Education Committee forwards the following motion to Faculty Senate: 


 To give provisional approval to the student learning outcomes (as found in General Education Outcome Draft Report 5-5-03) for the purpose of conducting  assessment of student learning.  The Student Learning Outcomes will continue to be seen as a working document subject to change. 


Mission Statement. Most Academic Programs are required to have mission statements that provide a clear purpose and focus of their programs.  The General Education Program at UW – La Crosse lacks such a mission statement.  Therefore the General Education forwards the following motion to Faculty Senate:


To approve the following as the Mission of the General Education Program at UW – La Crosse:


The mission of General Education at UW-La Crosse is to develop life-long learners that are knowledgeable, capable citizens who will be engaged as responsible stewards of their human and natural heritage in a diverse and ever-changing world.  General Education is the core of a university education and, to that end, it encourages students to

·         discover connections among disciplines

·         consider one’s major in a broader context

·         cultivate knowledge, skills, and habits of mind essential for independent learning and thinking


All Faculty Forum on General Education. Although the General Education Committee has routinely attempted to keep the campus community informed of its activities and has asked for feedback on various initiatives over the past few years, several concerns and misunderstandings about the committee’s work and requests have been raised.  Feedback to the General Education Committee, both formal and informal, suggests that many individuals have not been informed or are misinformed about the activities and charges of the committee.


Since the General Education Committee is a Committee of the Faculty Senate, and since Faculty Senate has given the General Education Committee specific charges over the last few years, and since the wider campus community may not be aware of these charges, or of the Strategic Plan goals and strategies pertaining to General Education, the General Education Committee forwards the following motion to Faculty Senate:


That Faculty Senate host an “All Faculty Forum on General Education” at its earliest convenience after departments have completed the course review process.  (The GEC suggests either a Thursday afternoon during Faculty Senate usual hours, but on a non-Faculty Senate meeting date, or on a Friday afternoon beginning around 2:15 P.M.)