Bylaw revision, 2004-2005,  Library Committee



O. The Library Committee

Duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:

1. Studying and recommending means of improving library services.

2. Providing liaison between faculty and library staff regarding policy-related issues.

Membership of the committee shall consist of nine faculty members, one of whom shall be the chairperson of the library department, and three students, one of whom shall be a graduate student. The faculty membership shall include at least one representative from each of the following academic units: the College of Liberal Studies, the College of Science and Allied Health, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Education, Exercise Science, Health and Recreation.  Consecutive appointments may be allowed for up to five years: however, at least three faculty members shall be newly appointed each year.  The director of the library shall serve as an administrative consultant to the committee.  The committee shall elect its chairperson.