DATE:              April 29, 2005

TO:                  Faculty Senate

FROM:            Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

RE:                   Charge on APR of extra-departmental courses



The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has examined and discussed the recommendations from the Academic Program Review Committee regarding review of extra-departmental courses.  Rather than developing a separate APR process or schedule for extra-departmental courses, we recommend that all courses being submitted to UCC identify a department or program that will be responsible for the APR of the course.  A line would be added to LX forms asking which instructional unit has administrative and APR responsibilities for the course.  The normal APR of that instructional unit  would trigger the review of the extra-departmental course, but the evaluation of that course should be done in consultation with or by those actually involved in teaching it. 


UCC also discussed at length the issue of resources and scheduling for extra-departmental courses.  Normally, when a course comes to UCC the signature of the dean and department chair certifies that resources are available for the course, but there is concern about how resources directed toward extra-departmental courses might negatively affect resources for departments if more extra-departmental courses are developed.  Faculty  proposing extra-departmental courses should clearly explain how such courses are being funded and how that funding will be maintained.  Scheduling of courses is not normally a matter for our examination, but if the scheduling is not to be handled by a department or program chair, UCC would like to know who will be responsible.