Organization to Manage Enrollment

at UW- L



Task Force for Attaining Enrollment Targets/Mix (Appointed by the Chancellor)






Advisory Group for Setting Targets/Mix



                        Administration and Finance:  Lostetter

                        Provost’s Office:  Hitch

                        Affirmative Action:  Thompson

                        Institutional Research:  To be Named on Hire

                        Dean of Student Development and Academic Services:  Roter

                        Director of Admissions:  Kiefer

                        Director of International Education:  Lokken

                        Director of Financial Aid:  Finn

                        Director of OMSS:  Stewart

                        Registrar:  Schumacher

                        Graduate Studies:  Rada

                        Faculty Senate Representative/CAPS Chair:      TBD

                        College representation:  One representative from each college to be named by the Dean

                        Academic Staff Council Representative:  One Academic Instructional Staff member to be named
                            by Academic Staff Council

                        Student Senate representative to be named by Student Senate


            Charge to the Advisory Group:

To meet in September/October of the academic year and set internal targets for the following academic year