Senate Executive Committee Nominations



Open CBA Faculty Senate Seat

Hench, Thomas, for one year, with the remaining two years of the CBA senate seat term to be determined during the Faculty Senate elections in the spring.


Joint Promotion Committee

3-year term

Anderson, Donna

Cooper, Scott

Rafique, Ahmed

Rusterholz, Barbara      

2-year continuing term

Morgan, Betsy (replacement for Chavalas)

Navar, Nancy

Porcari, John (replacement for Foster)

Riley, Dave                                                      

1-year continuing term                                                          

Haupert, Mike                                                             

Krajewski, Sandra                                           

Zollweg, William (replacement for Rodgers)

Senger, Steve


Consultative Lay-off Committee

3-year continuing term

Butterfield, Bradley (CLS) – Associate

Gibson, Mark (EESHR) – Assistant

Osterby, Bruce (SAH) – Professor

2-year continuing term

Anderson, Joseph (CLS) – Associate

Duquette, Dan (EESHR) – Professor

Nelson, Patricia (SAH) – Assistant                                                                              

1-year continuing term                                                                      

Krajewski, Sandra (CLS) – Professor                                     

Morrison, Dianne (CBA) – Lecturer

Rott, Marc (SAH) – Professor


Committee on Faculty Committees

Grunwald, Sandra

Heim, Joe

Riley, Bruce

Shanks, Joyce

Sullivan, Dick (Convener)


Senate Elections Committee

Maher, Peg

Gongaware, Timothy

Poulton, Leslee


Faculty Ombudspersons

Heim, Joe

Morgan, Betsy

Senger, Steve


Parking Appeals Board

Glass, Ron – member

Bigel, Alan – alternate


Enrollment Management Advisory Group for Setting Targets/Mix

Hoar, Robert


General Education Committee

Kraemer, Eric (CLS)

? (CBA)


Budget Review Committee

Clow, William

Gibson, Mark

Krajewski, Sandra (Vice-Chair of the Faculty Senate)

Senger, Steven (Convener)

Winter, Kenneth


EESHR Dean Search and Screen Committee

Foster, Carl (Exercise Sports Science)

Johnston-Rodriguez, Sarah (Education Studies)

Wadell, Keith (Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation)

Wycoff-Horn, Marcie (Health Education and Health Promotion)

Yu, Chia Chen (Exercise Sports Science)