Faculty Senate

Meeting of October 13, 2005

3:30 p.m. – 325 Graff Main Hall






I.                     Roll Call.


II.                  Approval of Minutes - September 29, 2005.


III.                Reports.

A.    Chair’s Report

B.  Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report

C.  Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance Report

D.  Faculty Representative's Report

E.  Student Association Representative's Report


IV.               Briefings.

A.     Program Array Ad Hoc Committee final report

B.     Strategic Plan update*


V.                  Resolution regarding the elimination of the position of the University of Wisconsin System Coordinator for Women’s Issues.


VI.               Graduate Student Appeal Policy.


VII.             CSDA Affiliation with Psychology.


VIII.          Old Business.


IX.                New Business.


X.                  Adjournment.





*please see posted report near bottom of page at: http://www.uwlax.edu/FacultySenate/committees/Joint%20Committees/JtBudget.html