Faculty Senate


October 27, 2005                                                                                                                            325 Graff Main Hall

Vol. 40, No. 5                                                                                                                                 3:30 p.m.



I.       Roll Call.

      Present:  Clow, Cravins, Galbraith, S. Grunwald, Heim, K. Hoar, Johnston-Rodriguez, S. Kelly, Knox, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, B. Riley, D. Riley, Shanks, R. Sullivan, C. Wilson.

      Absent:  Choy, Gongaware, Hunt, Senger, S. Smith


II.     Minutes.

      Minutes from September 29, 2005 meeting were approved as distributed.


III. Reports.

A.                Chair’s Report – Updates on search and screens. 

Director of the School of Education:  Joyce Shanks, Educational Studies is serving as chair.  The committee has written a first draft of the position description and is meeting next week to finalize it.

Dean of Student Development & Academic Services – Karla Stanek, Career Services is serving as chair.  The committee has completed the job description and hopes to be able to begin advertising for the position next week.  The application deadline will be January 9.  The goal is to have interviews completed and recommendations to Chancellor by spring break.

Dean of SAH – Bob Hoar is serving as chair.  The ad has been approved and sent out.  You can view it on the UW-L website.  If you know of anyone at other institutions who might be interested, please encourage them to apply.


General Education Director reporting lines – SEC discussed this issue with Emily Johnson, current General Education Director.  By consensus it was decided by SEC that the General Education Director creates goals for the upcoming year, get general education committee approval of these goals, get faculty senate approval of these goals, and then present these goals to the Provost.  A year report stating how these goals have been met should also be submitted.


Promotion pay raises - In 2001 Faculty Senate approved pay increases for promotion to associate and to full in the amounts of $3000 to associate and $5000 to full.  Along with this came the following statement on this issue from the 2-15-01 faculty senate minutes: “The $3000 and $5000 amounts should be increased annually by the same percentage as the increase in the faculty pay package.”  Thus far the pay bumps have not been increased to properly reflect pay increases.  The Provost will be asked to speak to this issue at the next SEC meeting.


The Board of Regents approved a resolution in which a medical practitioner’s signature will be required if more than 5 days of consecutive sick leave is used. 


  1. Student Association Report – Ryan Vanloo reported on updates.  He clarified issues regarding the privacy act he spoke of at the previous faculty senate meeting.  UWL does not issue full SS # (just the middle 4 digits) to Higher One, which is not a credit card.  Senate has looked at the issue of student funding for the stadium, have purchased traffic stanchions and are looking at the Student Bill of Rights.  The students also raised about $5000 for Hurricane Relief. 


IV.       Briefings.


  1.  Plan 2008 Phase II – Al Thompson updated senate on this topic.  He distributed the charge which the Chancellor has made to the Joint Minority Council.  He updated senate on the 2005-2006 action steps from Plan 2008 Phase II.  This year an Equity Scorecard will be developed to provide a benchmark of where UWL is with recruitment, retention rates, faculty and academic staff hiring rates, and campus climate. This has been identified by system as a possible model for the state. 


Plan 2008: Phase II 2005-2006 action steps focus on campus climate, recruitment and retention and structure issues.


Steps which are being done to recruit students of color were summarized by Thompson.  A new multicultural recruiter, Laura Vang, has been hired.  However many other institutions have a specific recruiter for each minority group.  UWL also has made efforts to have contact with certain schools in the urban area and target students with high GPAs in those schools.  These students however are being heavily recruited by other top 10 institutions.


Other general comments included that minority recruitment should work very closely with the School of Education to coordinate efforts. 


V.  Discussion of Program Array Review Committee recommendations, continued from October 13, 2005.  Reactions from service programs about these recommendations were heard and discussed.  General comments by these service programs were that forming a committee to review service programs would be out of faculty purview.  Also many of the service programs already have review processes in place.  Other comments included that review of programs is important; however, there is uncertainty as to what the review results would be used for. 


Tom Gendreau, Program Array Committee chair, responded that the service program review committee would have representation from all groups on campus not just faculty.  Also it was reiterated how important it is to know the cost of service programs to make informed budget decisions. 


M/S/P for Faculty Senate to forward the Program Array Ad Hoc Committee final report to other appropriate governance bodies (student association, academic staff council and provost’s council) for review and discussion. 


VI.  PTS Report on Salary Compensation for Short-Terms – T.J. Brooks, chair of PTS, summarized the report.  The two major issues are that summer pay is not relative to academic year pay and that instructors are uncertain as to what they will be paid. 


General comments included that the report does not take into account graduate courses and year round programs.  There was concern that with this plan some instructors would be making less money for teaching in the summer than what they are currently making.  CLS distributed a document on how this plan would affect CLS instructor’s summer pay.  Similar feedback will be sought from the other colleges.   


M/S/P to table this issue. 



VII.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary